Final Fantasy Trading Cards Games

What is OP?

Congratulations!!! You are about to enter the world of FFTCG:

Before we dive in, if you are not yet familiar with this website and FFTCG in general please make sure to read our introductory post, this will put you on the right track. 😉

Organized Play is YOUR opportunity to connect with one of the best gaming communities out there, in pure FINAL FANTASY tradition!

No matter your level or aspirations, there is something in store for you.

FFTCG Events are run all over the world, all year long, and range from casual to competitive.

By taking part you can:

  • Meet other FF fans and passionate players to create lasting memories
  • Win exclusive prizes, awesome Square Enix Merch and more
  • Improve your skills and get your deck building juices flowing
  • Make your way to the top for world domination (if you so wish ^^)

And now, here is a brief overview of the different types of events you can attend and the associated rewards!

Casual, weekly organized play (run by local stores)

We introduce a new promotional card every month that you can secure at these tournaments! The card is a special version of a previously released card, but it comes in full art form (no text box). While it is fairly easy to obtain the standard version, if you perform well, you can also get your hands on a premium, "foil" version of the card. A must for the collectors and a great place to start your Organized Play journey!

Pre-releases (run by local stores)

What better than fast-tracking? With these events you can discover the new set one week before its release! Join your favourite local store where your fresh pre-release kit awaits, with 2 exclusive items! It's also the opportunity for you to discover a great format called "Limited Sealed", but more on this in the "Game Formats" section 😉.

Regionals / Nationals (run by local stores and FFTCG distributors)

Time to become the pride of your store and nation with these competitive tournaments supervised by our distributors! The Regionals are hosted by local stores and give you the possibility to win exclusive playmats and trophies for bragging rights, but also "Byes" (free round victory) to give you the edge during the Nationals, leading up to a qualification for the European championship!   

Seasonal Cups (run by Square Enix and local stores)

These are large scale, casual events run by Square Enix in partnership with amazing stores. Take our Winter Cup for example, it's the perfect way to end the year with fun and crazy formats, workshops, photo booths, food & drinks, and secure some sweet loot in our GIL shop!

Crystal Cups (run by Square Enix)

Enter the most competitive events of our Road to the Worlds circuit with the Crystal Cups! Themed around Final Fantasy Elements such as Lightning, Fire and Water, these tournaments are designed to test your skills and endurance to the limit, and a perfect way to improve the way you play while meeting with talented players. You get exclusive prizes simply by attending, more exclusives by ranking well and the ultimate reward with a paid-for trip to the world championship!!!* (*Travel and accomodation covered by Square Enix. Previous locations included Tokyo, London, and Los Angeles 😊)

What you saw is just a snapshot of what FFTCG Organized Play has to offer... 

Make sure to visit the below two sections to find out about the game formats and get your journey started!