Final Fantasy Trading Cards Games

Finding Events

If you want to find out about upcoming FFTCG events, please log-in to our official tournament software here.

Additionally, you can head over to our store locator to find the one shop closest to you. If you happen to know a store running FFTCG events, make sure to let them know about our event calendar, all it takes to appear here is a box to tick when they register the tournament in our official software! 


In order to attend an event, you will need:

  • A Square Enix Members account. This is extremely easy to set up and will act as your unique player ID during tournaments (a.k.a "Nickname"). It's also a great way to keep up with the latest Square Enix News. Head over here to create your account.

Final Fantasy TCG Tournaments are run using our official software pictured below. You can use it to register into official tournaments or to run your own tournaments with friends!

All set? Check out our USEFUL RESOURCES for more details on our social media and other tools, and have fun with FFTCG Organized Play!