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Whether you’re a Final Fantasy Fan, a card game enthusiast, or both, you have landed in the right place!

FFTCG is a fast paced, brilliantly designed card game and with one of the friendliest communities out there. We’ll help you start your journey now with a quick overview of the website and what awaits in the different sections!

The first places you want to check are:


Here you can see all the expansions that we have released since the beginning of this adventure and the great thing is, they are all still playable so you can pick whichever you like best or mix them at will!

These expansions are called “Opus” and come in the form of booster packs including 12 cards with one premium “foil” card included in each. We also have a selection of Starter Sets which are prebuilt, ready to play decks themed around one particular game and 2 Elements suiting various play styles (aggressive, control…), and even 2-Player Starter Sets that were specifically crafted to duel!

Between the main episodes and all spin-offs, there are so many titles covered in FFTCG that you are guaranteed to find something to your liking, the game offers an incredible variety in design with now more and more original illustrations created by talented artists like Toshiyuki Itahana, Roberto Ferrari, Toshitaka Matsuda and more.

This brings us to the Card Browser!  

Thanks to this simple tool, you can get a feel of the game design and mechanics. The team is passionate about Final Fantasy and paid a lot of attention to the Characters and their behaviour in the video game series to make their abilities consistent in the cards. But the best part is that YOU can create your absolute dream team!

Just use filters like “Category” if you are looking for cards from one particular title, or “Elements” if you have special affinities... Click on any individual card to see all its details and navigate to the pevious or next cards using the left and right keys of your keyboard.

You now probably wonder how the game plays right? It is time to head over to the Gameplay section which has a lot to offer!

This section has everything you need to learn the game ropes. We suggest you watch our introductory video which is a quick presentation of our tutorial and then head straight over to said "Tutorial" which is a fun and interactive way to get to grips with all the basics.

You can then download the Starter Guide from "Rules" as well as an overview of the various Starter Decks with their key cards, interactions and mechanics, and a simple play mat to print with the different zones plus a couple of useful tips to help you get going.  

Next, you need to find players to duel with right? Our Store Locator will show you the way!

Just enter your location and the retailers closest to you will show. By joining casual events and tournaments in stores, you can win special prizes like promo cards, dices, sleeves and more, and meet the fantastic members of our community who will welcome you with open arms. 

If you own a store or happen to know a store interested in selling the game and join our organized play program, just head over to "Distributors" to see our list of official partners. You can get in touch with them directly and they will get you set up in no time! 

You can check what major events we have coming next using the Calendar.

If you're the competitive type, why not join one of our Crystal Cups or Grand Opens? Try and make your way to the top and qualify for the World Championships on 23rd-24th November in Los Angeles!!! These tournaments are a blast and the best way to improve and get ideas for new decks! 

We also have super fun events like the FFTCG & Friends Festival on 7th-8th September which is a unique chance to meet the creators of the game, party and get exclusive goodies!

Last but not least, we have News for you! 

The "News" section is where you will find all the juicy bits! Articles are categorized by types like "Producer's Blog", "Card of the Week", "Events" or just general "News" like the one you are currently reading and there will be more to come!

Make sure you check this section regularly and subscribe to our newsletter and social media channels to get all the latest updates.

We hope you enjoyed this little tour of the official website and wish you a great time with FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game!