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Card of the week 2024-03-07 18:00:00

Hidden Hope - Card of the Week - Seifer [22-079L]

Image depicting Seifer

Hello everyone, FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here. We’re finally at the last round of Card of the Week for “Hidden Hope”. Thank you so much for sticking with us until the end. It’s only proper to have a Legend with a brand-new illustration as the final card to introduce from “Hidden Hope.” Now, let’s go ahead and get started with the introduction of Seifer [22-079L], a Lightning Element Forward that features a brand-new illustration from Gen Kobayashi.

Seifer [22-079L] is a Lightning Element Forward with 3CP and 7000 power that belongs to Category VIII and Job SeeD Candidate. It has two abilities – an auto-ability that behaves a bit uniquely when the card enters the field, and another powerful auto-ability that activates when the card attacks. Let’s take a look at these abilities one by one.

The first ability reads, “When Seifer enters the field, you may put the top 2 cards of your deck into the Break Zone. When you do so, choose 1 Category VIII Forward other than Card Name Seifer in your Break Zone. Add it to your hand.” This new auto-ability gets triggered by placing the top 2 cards of your deck into the Break Zone when it enters the field - as mentioned earlier this kind of action is not commonly seen in existing cards. However, the auto-ability that it triggers adds a card to your hand, so there’s a synergy there, and the act of placing cards into your Break Zone actually impacts the other auto-ability. It reads, “When Seifer attacks, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. If there are 10 or more cards in your Break Zone, break it.” In other words, the very act of sending cards into your Break Zone is essential to tap into Seifer’s true potential.

Does Seifer’s second ability remind anyone else of Edea [22-075H], which I introduced in the second Card of the Week?

Edea has an auto-ability that makes the effect more powerful when there are 10 or more cards in your Break Zone, and it is also a Category VIII. This means that Edea can be added to your hand from the Break Zone when you use Seifer [22-079L]’s first ability. Conversely, you can also search Seifer [22-079L] by using Edea [22-075H]’s ability. Looks like Seifer [22-079L] and Edea [22-075H] make quite the pair. 

On another note, does everyone know about Ultimecia [22-073L], introduced during the Winter Cup in Wales last December?

Ultimecia [22-073L]’s field ability prevents your opponent’s Summons or abilities from removing cards in your Break Zone. Cards like Mist Dragon [9-068H] and Kadaj [11-140S], who are the archnemeses for deck tech that utilises the Break Zone, will become less effective, making it easier for Seifer [22-079L] to prevail in battle without risk of being shutdown.
What makes it even better is that this card is a Category VIII Forward, allowing it to be added to your hand with Seifer [22-079L]’s ability.

There are many other Category VIII cards in “Hidden Hope” aside from Seifer, as well as other heavy-weight cards from previous sets that also pack a punch, such as Griever [21-027L] and Rinoa [6-041L]. Perhaps we might see many more decks built around Category VIII cards in future tournament scenes.

What did you think about Seifer [22-079L]? I hope you enjoyed the introduction of this card. As mentioned in my introduction, this will be the final Card of the Week for “Hidden Hope”. I hope you look forward to the release of this set, as it includes a ton of fun cards that we haven’t had time to talk about in this series! I hope to see you again at the next Card of the Week for “Hidden Trials”, the next set which releases in August.