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Producer's blog 2019-09-18 20:47:30

Producer's Blog: Special Edition - Battle Damage

Greetings everyone, this is FF-TCG producer Tarou Kageyama. It has been a while since I published an article aside from the Card of the Week previews, but I would like to inform you of a new term that will be used for Kain [10-134S], a card that is part of the FF-TCG 2-Player Starter Set, “Wraith VS Knight.”

In the card text for Kain [10-134S], there is a mention of “battle damage.” Opponents can only deal this “battle damage” to Kain [10-134S], but what kind of damage does this term refer to?

“Battle damage” is quite a simple concept to grasp. When a Forward attacks and it is blocked, the Forward who attacks and the Forward who blocks deal damage to each other. This inflicted damage is essentially “battle damage.” In other words, any other type of damage will not be considered “battle damage.” A common mistake may be the damage inflicted by Hecatoncheir’s [4-093R] ability. Its ability allows Forwards to deal damage to each other, but this will not be considered “battle damage.” Additionally, Marche [4-020R] has an ability to deal damage to a Forward when it is being blocked, but since this damage is inflicted by using an ability, this will not be considered “battle damage” either.

This concludes the explanation for “battle damage.” Please keep this term in mind as it will come up in the future as well.

Tarou Kageyama