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Producer's blog 2021-12-16 21:40:07

From the Producer Special Vol. 18 - 2021 Wrap-up and Looking Ahead to 2022

Rikku from FFX

Hello everyone. This is FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama. I appreciate your support of FFTCG. For this column, I would like to reflect on 2021, and talk about plans going into 2022. I’m hoping it won’t be too long, so it would be great if you could stick around until the end.

・Thoughts surrounding the coronavirus pandemic

 The novel coronavirus spread throughout the world two years ago, and instead of slowing down, it has continued to spread since then, with multiple mutations along the way. If this wasn’t here, we could’ve done so many events all around the world, but we had to cancel many events, including the World Championship for both 2020 and 2021. But even through these tough times, you all have supported FFTCG, and I cannot thank you enough. I cannot even begin to express how much I appreciate you all. My team and I are thinking very hard to figure out some way to hold even a few events next year. If, for example, travel between different regions proves difficult, perhaps we can focus on local events; or even a way to set up a “light” event, that is not as involved as a standard shop tournament might be, etc. – I’m not sure if we can make it happen, but my team and I are all racking our brains, so your patience on the matter is definitely appreciated.

・Thoughts surrounding prohibited cards

Starting December 24, 2021, there will be prohibited cards in standard and L6 composition games, and a one-card restriction – a first for FFTCG – for standard compositions. This is the first time we’re announcing three prohibited cards at once for standard composition, so I understand it might’ve been very frustrating. Of course, this was all done with the purpose of improving the environment, but you should be able to use all cards; I sincerely apologize for this. If the environment shifts majorly, we will never just leave it alone, so your understanding on the matter is greatly appreciated. Of course, we will work hard on game balance so that this won’t happen repeatedly.

・Thoughts surrounding new products

 We will continue to create new product in 2022, namely booster packs and various starter sets, but I do want to talk about new variations for the starter sets as well. The Custom Starter Set FINAL FANTASY X, planned for release in February 2022, is unlike our typical two-player starter set with two pre-constructed decks. Instead, it only contains one deck. However, there are 50 additional cards so that you can customize that deck, making the deck building more accessible to those who may not be as experienced building one with FFTCG. Furthermore, in May, we plan to release an Anniversary Collection Set 2022, which includes many cards that were prominent in the tournament scene. With the Anniversary Collection Set 2022, you can obtain playsets of many powerful cards popular in past sets. As you can see, we are trying out some new variations in these products, so I hope you look forward to them.

On that note, I’d actually like to take the opportunity to show you four new cards out of the Custom Starter Set FINAL FANTASY X. And, as you can see from Rikku, there are cards with brand new illustrations so, keep an eye out for the others!

Jecht 16-131S Yuna 16-134S Rikku 16-137S Tidus 16-139S

・My sincerest thanks

Finally, I wanted to thank you again for continuing to enjoy FFTCG for yet another year. This game has continued for more than five years, and we will continue to produce more product in the next year; this could only have happened thanks to everyone’s support. I will continue to strive for preparing a better play environment, and better products, and so your continued support would be greatly appreciated.

-Tarou Kageyama