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Card of the week 2020-02-19 23:49:11

Opus XI Card of the Week - Mira

Hey everyone! RB here with the third Opus XI Card of the Week reveal! This time we’re going to look at a new version of a character who hasn’t reappeared since Opus IV! Mira from FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: My Life as a Darklord!

Let’s take a look!

Mira 11-122H has gorgeous FFTCG original artwork by Yasuhisa Izumisawa, showing off the Selkie’s Dark and Radiant sides. To explain a bit, Mira, as a newly appointed Darklord, constructs a tower and challenges Heroes and Kings in order to prove herself as a Darklord. She ends up, on many occasions, showing compassion for others and noble leadership and becomes a bridge between Monsters and Humans. Her card reflects not only that spirit, but also some of the gameplay of My Life as a Darklord where Mira commands others to fight for her!

She’s a 2 CP Forward with category FFCC, job Dark Lord, and 5000 power. She has an auto ability that reads, “When a Category FFCC Character other than Mira you control is put from the field into the Break Zone, you may search for 1 Category FFCC Character of the same card type and add it to your hand. This effect will trigger only once per turn.” She also has an action ability that requires you to dull her in order to “Choose 1 Category FFCC Character other than Forward you control. Activate it. Until the end of the turn, it also becomes a Forward with 8000 power.”

Her auto ability is something we’ve seen similarly on Mira before, being able to replace characters lost. This version, however, isn’t exclusively Monsters, and it only needs to share the same type. The only restriction is it needs to be category FFCC, so you’ll need to fill your deck with plenty of FFCC targets. Her action ability is something entirely new to FFTCG. While Monsters have been able to become Forwards in the past, her ability states any FFCC “Character,” meaning she can turn Backups into Forwards! There’s no sitting on the sidelines with Mira in command! Category FFCC has some pretty strong Backups, so it’s great to use Mira to clear out Backups, or simply just Activate them to reuse powerful Action abilities!

Alhanalem [7-044H] immediately comes to mind as a character I’d love to run alongside Mira. Mutliple uses of his Action ability is one of the staples of playing a deck with Chelinka and Yuri. Of course, since we’ll be attacking and dealing damage with FFCC characters, Chelinka [7-054L] only makes sense. However, the Yuri I’d go with is PR-055, which will appear in the Opus XI booster packs. This version of Yuri should have no trouble getting either ability to go off, so you’ll be able to get some serious card draw going.

Mira’s Advisor, Tonbetty [4-131R] can be thrust into the heat of battle after searching for either Mira herself or Tonberries [4-132R]. Since the Tonberries can be sacrificed at any point, Mira throwing them around can make quick work of a powerful enemy. Norschtalen [8-058R] seems pretty suitable as well, as you can color fix your backup line by searching for Tonbetty, and then search Mira off of Tonbetty and dive right into some Crystal Chronicles fun! With how much searching you can make happen, it may even be possible to include even more elements, like Earth or Fire! Carbuncle [7-066C] becomes a pretty dangerous threat as a blocker with Mira in play, being able to Back Attack and then activate and turn into an 8000 power Forward.

This was only a few thoughts on how Mira can help boost an FFCC deck in Opus XI, I think the category has yet to be fully mined for its potential, and I’m looking forward to what others may come up with, and there will be even more FFCC characters to come! We hope you’ve been enjoying the Opus XI spoilers so far.

Until next time!