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Card of the week 2019-10-03 18:00:00

Opus X Card of the Week - Reynn

Hi everyone! RB again this week for another Opus X: Ancient Champions. Kageyama-san had said my character this week was cute on the outside but a hidden power on the inside, and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe Reynn from World of FINAL FANTASY. Oh, you didn’t think we would show the second Fire Legend so soon? Well here’s Reynn 10-020L!

Reynn is one of the playable protagonists of World of FINAL FANTASY. Her and her brother, Lann, are Mirage Keepers who travel the world capturing and commanding various FINAL FANTASY creatures in battle. Neither fights alone, preferring instead to battle as a duo along with their mirages. With the right combination of allies, Lann and Reynn have immense hidden powers to unlock. Let’s take a look at the new card!

Reynn is a 5 CP Fire Forward with 8000 power with category WOFF. The cost required to play Reynn onto the field is reduced by 1 for each Category WOFF Character you control. The Category WOFF Forwards other than Reynn you control gain Haste. When a Category WOFF Forward you control attacks, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Deal it 4000 damage.

This gorgeous artwork showcasing Reynn’s “Lilkin Form,” alongside Chocochick and Ifreeta, comes from World of FINAL FANTASY artist and Character Designer, Yasuhisa Izumisawa. Aside from his work in games like World of FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES, and FINAL FANTASY IX, you’ve seen his art before in FFTCG on cards like Undead Princess [8-071H] and Sherlotta [8-053H]. His cards have some of my favorite artwork in FFTCG, and I love that we get to show it off even more with these new Full Art cards! Speaking of which, have you had a chance to see Lann 10-017R from Opus X?

This card fittingly plays really well with Reynn 10-020L. Together, he is a 2 CP 7000 power Forward with First Strike, Haste, and when he attacks, deals 4000 damage to a chosen Forward, meaning that a Forward would need 12000 power to even have a chance to block him!

Reynn and Lann both play really well with Fritt [7-004C]. Reynn giving Haste to Fritt and allowing him to trade with 8000 power Forwards makes the little guy pretty scary. Since Fritt means you’re running Ifrit Summons, it only makes sense to run Ifrita [9-002H] as well. You can go back to the Opus IX Card of the Week article about Ifrita to see my thoughts on her, and I’ve been playing her quite a bit lately, but with Reynn’s 4000 damage burn, Ifrita’s 3000 damage to all opponent’s Forwards makes me even more excited to play her in Opus X. Reynn’s art showing the World of FINAL FANTASY version even feels almost like a hint that they go together! I’d also suggest playing Hauyn [4-001H] should you go along with a full WOFF theme, as she gets stronger with the more WOFF characters you control. Considering all of these WOFF characters are 2 CP, and Reynn costs less with each you control, the deck should conserve CP pretty well.

Earth has some great options for Reynn as well, if you’d rather not play Mono Fire and want to go all-in on the WOFF theme. Serafie [1-109R] is typically pretty risky in my opinion, since you’re giving your opponent back a card as well. However, with Reynn giving all of your Forwards Haste, and all of your Forwards being relatively low cost, Serafie can help you go wide with Haste Forwards that are each dealing 4000 damage! Reynn gets cheaper with WOFF Backups as well, so The Girl Who Forgot Her Name [3-089R] is perfect, allowing you to search for Reynn who immediately becomes a 4 CP Forward. I also like Tama [1-111C] with Haste forwards since you can always threaten an additional attack by leaving Tama active with cards in your hand. Considering Reynn’s 4000 damage auto ability, getting an additional attack your opponent wasn’t expecting can be just the push you need to end a game!

So what do you think about Reynn? Are you psyched for more Yasuhisa Izumisawa art in Opus X? Let us know at! Next week, Kageyama-san will be back with yet another FINAL FANTASY character’s FFTCG debut! Hm, he sure does pick a lot of villains for these previews...

See you next time!