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Card of the week 2024-02-22 18:00:00

Hidden Hope - Card of the Week - Alba [22-074R] & Nacht [22-067L]

Cards depicting Nacht & Alba

Hello, everyone! This is Tarou Kageyama, producer of FFTCG. We’re already onto our third Card of the Week for “Hidden Hope.” Now that we’re here, it really feels like the launch date is fast approaching. We’ll continue to introduce these wonderful cards to you, so please follow us on this journey until the very end!

Without further ado, here are the cards. This week, we’ll introduce two Job Warrior of Darkness cards. The first one is Alba [22-074R], a Lightning card newly illustrated by Akira Oguro. The other one is Nacht [22-067L]. While this card isn’t newly illustrated, it’s an Earth Legend. Let’s start by taking a closer look at Alba [22-074R].

Alba [22-074R] is cost 3 Lightning Forward with 7000 power, who wields 2 auto abilities. The first ability is “When Alba enters the field due to an ability, choose 1 Forward of cost 4 or less opponent controls. Break it.” This ability also triggers via EX Burst. Because the effect specifies that she needs to enter the field “due to an ability”, playing her from your hand normally would not trigger this. However, the effect is very powerful when it does get activated, allowing you to break common Forwards like Warrior of Light [19-128L] and Skyserpent General Rughadjeen [21-122H]. Furthermore, hitting Alba with EX Burst can put your opponent in an extremely tough spot as it ignores the “When Alba enters the field due to an ability” condition.

The second auto ability is “When Alba enters the field, choose 1 Job Warrior of Darkness Forward. It gains Haste until the end of the turn.” Even if there are no other Job Warrior of Darkness cards, you can apply this effect to Alba [22-074R] herself, which should make her relatively easy to play on the field. And if you can play her on the field using an ability, we’re certain she’ll shine as an excellent Forward who can break your opponent’s 4 cost or less Forward, while also attacking immediately through her Haste.

Next, we’ll look at Nacht [22-067L], an Earth Legend. Although Nacht is a highly robust Forward wielding 9000 power, he may seem difficult to use at first due to his exceptionally high cost of 9. However, I think examining his two abilities —a powerful auto ability and a sure-fire special ability— will resolve any concerns you might have. Let’s take a closer look at each one.  

His first auto ability allows you to search for specific cards inside your deck, and then place them in your hand. This is a rather common effect, but in Nacht [22-067L]’s case, it’s extra flashy. The effect reads, “when Nacht enters the field, you may search for up to 3 Job Warrior of Darkness with different names and add them to your hand.” This means you can add a whopping total of 3 cards to your hand. Because one card in your hand yields 2 CP in FFTCG, this effectively returns a total of 6 CP to you.

His second ability then pushes his first one further to something even more powerful. The ability reads, “At the beginning of the Attack Phase during each of your turns, you may play 1 Job Warrior of Darkness of cost 5 or less from your hand onto the field.” This basically means that out of the 3 cards you searched, you can play 1 on the field without paying a cost. These abilities synergize incredibly well with Alba [22-074R], which we just examined.

After Nacht [22-067L] enters the field, you can add 3 cards to your hand, including Alba [22-074R], and then play her when your attack phase begins. Because she entered the field with an ability, she can break an opponent’s Forward, then grant Haste to Nacht. With 9000 power, we’re certain Nacht will pack a punch as an attacker. And, if you include [22-067L] Nacht into the 3 cards you draw, you can also activate its special ability, Final Thrust. You can already see so much synergy building up with just two cards, so please look forward to the other Job Warriors of Darkness cards as well!

What did you think about this week’s cards? Next week, we’ll be introducing the father of one of our protagonists. The artwork will also be new, so stay tuned!