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Producer's blog 2020-08-31 19:07:16

From the Producer Special Vol. 13: Booster Titles

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Hello, everyone! FF-TCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here. We’re experiencing a heat wave in Japan right now with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius (around 86 degrees Fahrenheit) daily in Tokyo. There’s an ongoing need to be cautious about COVID-19, but please also make sure to protect yourselves from the heat! 

Now, in today’s column, I’d like to talk about the titles given to each booster set, specifically the reasons we started naming boosters and some upcoming titles we are planning.

Reasons Behind Titling Boosters

Titles have been given to booster sets starting with “Opus IX: Lords & Chaos”, the ninth set in the Opus series which features Vincent [9-062H] on the package design. Until then, only numbers were allocated to the sets, but titles have been adopted for a few reasons.

The most important reason being that it felt lifeless with the number alone. Though the number alone may not be bad in that it gives a sense of accomplishment from simply stacking up the numbers, given this game has the lore/universe from the original source material available to draw from, we aimed to give titles that encompasses the atmosphere of the content included in the respective sets. That said, the intended meaning behind the Opus IX and Opus X titles may not have been so straightforward, but I believe “Soldier’s Return”, the title for Opus XI, was enough to evoke the notable game “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE” from which cards were drawn from in this set, and “Crystal Awakening”, the title for Opus XII, the upcoming set, most likely suggested the introduction of new Multi-Element cards.

Another reason is that by only using numbers, that alone could get overemphasized, and new players may hesitate towards starting the game as they may feel overwhelmed by the numbers that have stacked up against them. Though we may not have seen much of an effect on this end because we typically call the sets by their numbers, we hope to make an effort towards pushing the titles moving forward, more than ever, in the hopes that the titles will serve that purpose.

Future Booster Titles*

Now, I’d like to introduce a few that are planned for upcoming sets. Opus XIII is “Crystal Radiance.” The power of crystals grows, and cards with new Multi-Element combinations appear.

Anything beyond that is still to be determined, but I’d like to introduce some of my current ideas. Note that at this moment in time, these are purely personal ideas, and nothing has been actually confirmed, so please don’t hold me to it if they don’t appear (laughs).

“Dragon’s Era” – highlight various dragons that appear in their respective original works. I would also like to call forth the summon that’s often referred to as “The Dragon King”.  

“Stranger from the East” – a set focused on the Samurai and Ninja Jobs. Are there any characters you are interested in seeing included with these Jobs? If you’d like, please share your thoughts.

“Blessed Warriors” – a set featuring a multitude of protagonists from the original games.

Whether the above ideas will actually be adopted is still uncertain, but we hope you look forward to what transpires. See you next time!

*The original version of this article included older versions of the Opus XIII and XIV set titles. Due to changes in development, this article was amended with the newly revealed Opus XIII title. For more information on this change, please follow the link: [link]