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FFTCG Organized Play 2023 - Details and Schedule

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We're happy to share the first details for FFTCG 2023 Organized Play in North America! Right now, much of this is tentative information, and this page will be updated as more information (such as dates, ticket links, and prizing) becomes locked in, so please keep an eye here and on social media where we will share updates.

Events will not be identical to what you remember in past years. Previously, North America and Europe + UK had different types of events and it wasn't entirely clear to players how events lined up between regions. In 2023, we'll be using the same structure in both Western regions, so players have more clarity regarding the level of event, as well as prizing to expect.

There will be two types of officially supported, store-hosted events: Materia Cups and Store Championships. These events will lead into a Continental Championship (North America Championship / European Championship), and the Top 4 players of each Continental Championship will head to the World Championship in Japan later this year.

While the regions will have parity, only residents of North America may enter events in North America, and likewise only residents of Europe + UK may enter events in Europe + UK. Any event qualifications at Materia Cups and Store Championships will pass down to the next highest ranked players.

Materia Cups

Materia Cups will be six (6) two-day Standard Constructed events running from April through August. We will provide entry gifts up to the first 100 players who register for the event. Stores may increase registration beyond 100 players, who may need to implement a cap based on health and safety guidelines in their area, but we are aiming for 100 players as the baseline cap for these events.

The top 4 players of a Materia Cup will qualify for their region’s Continental Championship, with the Winner automatically qualifying for Day 2 of the Continental Championship.

Materia Cup Schedule (North America)

April 22-23: The Haven Games – Cassleberry, FL [Ticket Link]

May 20-21: Collector's Cache – Lenexa, KS [Ticket Link]

June 3-4: Tabletop Tavern – San Diego, CA [Ticket Link]

June 24-25: Lonestar Pack Breaks – Plano, TX [Ticket Link]

July 15-16: Game Theory – Raleigh, NC [Ticket Link]

August 19-20: Epic Gaming PDX – Portland, OR [Ticket Link]

Store Championships

Store Championship events will tentatively run from May through August.

The top 2 players at a Store Championship tournament will qualify for their region’s Continental Championship.

Please Note: there must be a minimum of 8 players attending a Store Championship, or the results will not be accepted. The top 2 players at a Store Championship tournament will Qualify for their region’s Continental Championship.

North America Store Championship List**

Store Championship Locations

**Dates and links will be posted at a later time.

North American Championship

September 9th and 10th at Embassy Suites in El Segundo, California.

This will be a two day event utilizing Standard Constructed Two Deck Format, with a Double Elimination Bracket on Day 2.

There will be 40 players from Store Championships, and 18 Players from Materia Cups on the first day of the event (with 6 players from Materia Cups automatically skipping to Day 2 of the event).

As it’s been quite some time since top players have been able to participate in competitive play, we would also like to extend invites to the Top 3 North American Players from Worlds 2019, as well as the three previous North American Champions from 2017, 2018, and 2019 to Day 1 of the North American Championship. Additionally, going forward, we will always extend an invitation to the winner of the North American Championship to the following year’s event.

These invited players are:

Joe Leszczynski, Chris Lopez, Sam Prime, Collin Rupert, Matt Okimoto, Kyle Peters

These players may still win a Day 2 skip by winning a Materia Cup event, however the event qualification will pass down at Materia Cups and Store Championships.

The Top 4 Players of the North American Championship will win trips to the 2023 World Championship in Tokyo, Japan.

More information to come

We hope you’re excited for events with this initial information. We also want to share that on top of the typical "Event" Promo cards, we are finalizing details on Prize Cards for these events, with more information to come as soon as we're able to share it. Additionally, we will plan for Winter Cup events following Continental Championships for both Europe/UK and North America that players from any region may enter. Apologies for requiring a little more time.

Please keep an eye on this page, or on our Facebook page: for up to date information as soon as it’s available.

Thank you so much for your patience during the past three years. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again at FFTCG events this year.