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FFTCG Organized Play Info

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We're happy to share the first details for FFTCG 2023 Organized Play in Europe! Right now, much of this is tentative information, and this page will be updated as more information (such as dates, ticket links, and prizing) becomes locked in, so please keep an eye here and on social media where we will share updates.

Events will not be identical to what you remember in past years. Previously, North America and Europe + UK had different types of events and it wasn't entirely clear to players how events lined up between regions. In 2023, we'll be using the same structure in both Western regions, so players have more clarity regarding the level of event, as well as prizing to expect.
As we had some pre-qualified Players from our 2020 pre-Covid Season in Europe (while North America did not had that), there will be some slight differencies for this years Season, but moving forward, the OP-Structure will completly line up. 

There will be two types of officially supported, store-hosted events: Materia Cups and Store Championships. These events will lead into a Continental Championship (North America Championship / European Championship), and the Top 4 players of each Continental Championship will head to the World Championship in Japan later this year.
In 2020, we managed to host a Crysal Cup before we had to cancel the rest of the Season, so we will stick to our word and let this world-invite for the Winner carry over to this year and therefor only have the Top 3 from the European Championship qualify for the World Championship on top of this. 

Any event qualifications at Materia Cups and Store Championships will pass down to the next highest ranked players.

While the regions will have parity, only residents of North America may enter events in North America, and likewise only residents of Europe, UK, South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand may enter events in Europe + UK.
As we cannot offer exactly the same Format in our other 2 Regions: South East Asia and Australia/New Zealand, we are working closely with our Distributors there to bring Store Championship, Materia Cups (and the connected Prizing) to your regions as well, there is no need to travel abroad, but of course you are welcome to. 

Materia Cups

Materia Cups will be six (6) two-day Standard Constructed events running from April through August. We will provide entry gifts up to the first 100 players who register for the event. Stores may increase registration beyond 100 players, who may need to implement a cap based on health and safety guidelines in their area, but we are aiming for 100 players as the baseline cap for these events.

The top 4 players of a Materia Cup will qualify for their region’s Continental Championship, with the Winner automatically qualifying for Day 2 of the Continental Championship.

Materia Cup Schedule (Europe)

April 22-23: Den Haag, Benelux @IANTCG

May 20-21: Cardiff, UK @FireStormGames

June 10-11: Paris, France @Majestik Games

July 1-2: Milan, Italy @La Casa dei Giochi

July 22-23: Malaga, Spain @LaCiénagaHobbyShop (Sallés Hotel Málaga Centro)

August 19-20: Germany

Store Championships

We will be putting together a list of 16 stores to host a one (1) day Standard Constructed tournament. We will try to focus on areas that did not receive a Materia Cup, but there may be some overlap. These Store Championship events will tentatively run from April through August as well.

The top 2 players at a Store Championship tournament will qualify for their region’s Continental Championship.

Please Note: there must be a minimum of 8 players attending a Store Championship, or the results will not be accepted. The top 2 players at a Store Championship tournament will Qualify for their region’s Continental Championship.

Here is the list of the 16 stores hosting Store Championships:

  • 27th May – Spelkwartier, Steenstraat 4, 6828 CJ – Netherlands
  • 3rd June – Cartapapa, 21 Rue des Étuves, 34000 Montpellier – France
  • 4th June – Il Paiolo LudoPub, Via dell'Imbrecciato, 127, 00149 Rome – Italy
  • 17th June – Kinder- und Jugendfreizeithaus CORN, Hauptstraße 112, 16547 Birkenwerder – Germany
  • 18th June – Comics Collection, Via Genova, 48/52, 95127 Catania – Italy
  • 24th June – West End Games, 162 Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow, G20 8NX – Scotland
  • 8th July - Cardbuddys, Benzstraße 16c, 63457 Hanau – Germany
  • 15th July – Demo-Spel, Sint-Hubertusstraat 3, 3000 Leuven – Belgium 
  • 15th July – Athena Games, St Gregory's Alley 9, Norwich NR2 1ER – United Kingdom
  • 29th July – DarkSphere, Unit 8 W12 Shopping Centre, London W12 8PP – United Kingdom
  • 5th August - Ragnarök Café, Exerzierplatz 16, 24103 Kiel, Germany
  • 12th August – Gemini Games, 16 High St, Huddersfield HD1 2LE – United Kingdom
  • 12th August – Salle Festi'Val, rue de Lille, 59890 Quesnoy-sur-Deûle - France (Sponsored by Thylgames)
  • 13th August – GAMERIA, C/ d'Ausiàs Marc, 52, 08010 Barcelona – Spain
  • 20th August – Júpiter Juegos, Calle de Manuel Silvela, 8, 28010 Madrid – Spain
  • 27th August – Carta'Jeu, 297-299 Rue Garibaldi, 69007 Lyon – France

We will update the list as soon as we receive additional information.

If you're interested in participating in a Store Championship, please contact your local game store for more information on dates, times, and registration. We can't wait to see you there!

European Championship

Tentatively September 15-17, London in cooperation with Brotherhood Games!

On Friday, the 15th September, we will host a one day Last Chance Qualifier with 2+ Slots for the European Championship. This Event will be similar to a Store Championship, but it will give away all remaining Slots for the European Championship. All Players participating at the European Championship will need to submit their Deck Lists by Friday, 8. September, 10AM. All players that fail to do so, will be removed from the Event and their Slot will be given away at the Last Chance Qualifier to the highest ranked player instead, on top of those 2 Slots that be given out regardless. 

This will be followed by a two day event utilizing Standard Constructed Two Deck Format, with a Double Elimination Bracket on Day 2. While you have to qualify for the European Championship, the Side-Events will be open to every Player. 

There will be 32 players from Store Championships, and 18 Players from Materia Cups on the first day of the event (with 6 players from Materia Cups automatically skipping to Day 2 of the event). In addition we will have 8 Players that already received their Qualification for the European Championship from the 2020 Season - this will carry over!
We also invite our last European Champion (as we have done in the past) as well as the 3 highest ranked European Players from the last World Championship.

These qualified players may still win a Day 2 skip by winning a Materia Cup event, however the event qualification will pass down at Materia Cups and Store Championships.

The Top 3 Players of the European Championship will win trips to the 2023 World Championship in Tokyo, Japan.

More information to come

We hope you’re excited for events with this initial information. We also want to share that on top of the typical "Event" Promo cards, we are finalizing details on Prize Cards for these events, with more information to come as soon as we're able to share it. We can already let you know that there will be multiple Cards waiting for you, so stay tuned! Additionally, we will plan for Winter Cup events following Continental Championships for both Europe/UK and North America that players from any region may enter. Apologies for requiring a little more time.

Please keep an eye on this page, or on our Facebook page: for up to date information as soon as it’s available.

Thank you so much for your patience during the past three years. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again at FFTCG events this year.