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FFTCG Organized Play 2024 – European Details and Schedule

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We're excited to share with you all the first details for FFTCG 2024 Organized Play in Europe! Keep in mind much of what is presented here is preliminary information, and this page will be updated as more details (such as dates, ticket links etc…) are confirmed, so please keep an eye here and on social media where we will share updates and news!

Due to the differences in the regions served, the European structure will differ slightly from the North American structure. We have done our best to align rewards between the European and North American competitions so players will have opportunities to compete for the same prizes across the season.


2024 Competitive Season Events for Europe

  • Materia Cup
  • Store Celebration
  • Regional Championship
  • Continental Qualifer
  • Last Chance Qualifier
  • Continental Championship

This season we’ve given a large focus towards increasing the number of events in stores meaning there’ll be plenty more chances for our wonderful community to meet up and play FFTCG throughout the year.


European Materia Cups

Materia Cups will be six (6) two-day Standard Constructed open events running from April through August. The top 4 players of a Materia Cup will qualify for the European Championship,

Any event qualifications at Materia Cups will pass down to the next highest ranked players.

Each of the following territories will host a Materia Cup**:

  • UK
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Benelux

(**Dates and links will be posted at a later time.)


European Store Celebrations

Store Celebrations will run late March – May crossing over with Regional Championships for a month. These are open events in which players can win Byes for a Regional Championship.

These are designed to be run as 1 day events and every store across Europe supporting FFTCG is eligible to host one. They’re also a perfect event for Stores looking at starting to support FFTCG Organised Play.


European Regional Championships

Regional Championships will run May to July. These are open events in which players can win Byes for a Continental Qualifier. There will be 4-6 events in each of the below territories:

  • UK
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Netherlands


European Continental Qualifiers

Continental Qualifiers will run in August/September across Europe and are an open event. The top 4 players at a Continental Qualifier will qualify for the European Championships. Each of the following territories will host a Continental Qualifier**:

Any event qualifications at Continental Qualifiers will pass down to the next highest ranked players.

  • UK
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Benelux

**Dates and links will be posted at a later time.


Last Chance Qualifier

This will be a one-day event utilizing the Standard Constructed format with Bo1 Swiss Rounds taking place the day before the European Championship. The top players will qualify for the European Championship.

If there are additional no-shows for the European Championship the amount of players who qualify may increase, but no guarantee is given.


European Championship

This event will be hosted in October, exact venue and dates will be confirmed in the future. This will be a two-day event of 64 players utilizing Standard Constructed Two Deck Format, with a Bo3 Double Elimination Bracket on Day 2.

There will be 24 players from European Materia Cups, 24 players from European Continental Qualifiers, along with players from the Last Chance Qualifier and the Top 4 from the Saudi Arabian Continental Qualifier who’ll receive an invite to the European Championship.

We will also extend an invitation to the winner of the previous European Championship, and we’ll additionally invite our top three European players from the 2023 World Championship aside from the European Champion.

(These players may play throughout the Competitive Season; however, their European Championship qualification will pass down at Materia Cups and Continental Qualifer.)


World Championship

The FFTCG World Championship will be held in Tokyo, Japan this year! We will announce more information at a later date.


More information to come

We hope you’re excited for events with this initial information. We also want to share that on top of the typical "Event" Promo cards, we are finalizing details on Prize Cards for these events, with more information to come as soon as we're able to share it. Additionally, we will plan for Winter Cup events following Continental Championships for both European and North America,

Please keep an eye on this page, or on our Facebook page: for up to date information as soon as it’s available.