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Card of the week 2023-07-06 17:00:00

Dawn of Heroes – Card of the Week Rufus [20-040L], Rude [20-039R] and Reno [20-041R]

Image depicting 3 FFTCG Cards

Hello everyone! FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here. Throughout this Card of the Week series, we’ve been previewing cards from the “Dawn of Heroes” booster pack, slated for release on July 28th. In my third (and overall, fifth) installment of the series, I would like to show off three members of SHINRA in one go: Rufus [20-040L], Rude [20-039R] and Reno [20-041R]. All three are Ice cards, so it’s easy to incorporate all three of them into your deck composition, too. First, let’s look at our Legend card, Rufus [20-040L].

Card depicting Rufus Card depicting rude card depicting Reno

Rufus [20-040L] is a 4 CP Forward with 7000 power, who has a field ability that reduces the cost to cast him, and a few options for his auto ability when he enters the field or attacks. The cost-reduction ability reads, “If you have a [Card Name Rude] and a [Card Name Reno] in your Break Zone, the cost required to cast Rufus is reduced by 2.” In other words, you can cast a card with 7000 power at a cost of 2 CP. You will have to have two cards each with a specific name in your Break Zone but considering FFTCG is a game that you discard cards from your hand to generate CP, this should provide ample opportunity to send your cards into the Break Zone, and I believe this condition can be met relatively easily.

For the other auto ability, you will need to select one of the three following actions: “Choose 1 Forward. Dull it and Freeze it.” “Choose 1 Job Member of the Turks in your Break Zone. Add it to your hand.” “Your opponent discards 1 card." They are all powerful in their own right, plus the way each of these affect the situation differs from one another. So, you can choose the best option for the situation to gain leverage over your opponent.

Let’s keep moving, as we have three cards to cover this time. Next up is Rude [20-039R]. Rude [20-039R] has a power of 8000, which is a lot for a 3 CP card, but he can only be cast using CP generated by Backups out in the field. That said, it is only 3 CP, so it shouldn’t be hard to get there. On top of that, Rude [20-039R] has a versatile auto ability and special ability. The auto ability lets you Dull and Freeze a Forward as Rude [20-039R] enters the field, which is a signature move of any Ice element card. It’s simple, yet powerful – and the special ability is even more simple and powerful. Rude [20-039R]’s special ability “Haymaker” is activated by spending 1 Ice CP and discarding Card Name Rude from your hand, and it allows you to choose one dull Forward and break it. You may dull your opponent’s card as you cast Rude [20-039L] then use Haymaker to break it, so I would say this would be a great card to use in your strategy.

Finally, let’s take a look at Reno [20-041R]. Reno [20-041R] is a standard 3 CP Forward with a power of 7000. However, whenever he attacks, you may search for Card Name Rude and play him into the field. Of course, you may play the aforementioned Rude [20-039R], so if there was someone standing in Reno [20-041R]’s way, you can use Rude [20-039R] to nullify what comes in between them. On top of that, you can spend 1 Ice CP to activate Reno [20-041R]’s action ability, which will grant him Haste. So, as long as you have the CP, Reno [20-041R] can attack during the same turn he enters the field. Furthermore, Reno [20-041R] himself has convenient special abilities, and so it might prove to be a challenge to stop his attacks.

There you have it – I showed off three cards this time around. I hope they will find a way into your deck composition somehow. Next week is the final Card of the Week from the Dawn of the Heroes set. Richelle will be showing off a Light element card with brand-new artwork. Stay tuned!