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Producer's blog 2021-11-02 01:53:53

Anniversary Collection Set 2022 - Full Card List


Hello, everyone! FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here. This time, I’d like to introduce the contents of the Anniversary Collection Set 2022, which is planned for release next year, in May of 2022. During the official Tokyo Game Show stream, we highlighted the point that by purchasing this set, beginners will be able to start playing right away. However, the set’s lineup makes it a worthwhile purchase for advanced players as well, so be sure to check it out.

 Also, this set is planned to be sold in card shops and more, just like standard booster packs.

 ■Fire/Water Deck

 This set contains one preconstructed, 50-card deck. The deck includes three cards each of three kinds of new promo cards, for a total of nine cards. For each kind, one of the cards will be a Full Art Foil card. This includes Squall [PR-108], featuring Toshitaka Matsuda’s original art, which is also used to illustrate the box!

Squall PR-108 Yuna PR-109 Lightning PR-110

 Between the deck and the other cards, the Anniversary Collection Set 2022 includes a total of 12 kinds of Legend cards. The deck contains Cloud [8-006L], Zidane [8-115L], and Ashe [10-106L]; there are two cards included for each of these three kinds. All of the Legend cards within the set come with two copies; one will be a Standard card, and the other will be a Standard Full Art card (not a Premium Foil version).

■Deck List

・Forwards: 27 cards

  • Squall [PR-108] x3
  • Dadaluma [11-011R] x3
  • Cloud [8-006L] x2
  • Yuna [PR-109] x3
  • Viking [4-133C] x3
  • Leila [6-126R] x3
  • Zidane [8-115L] x2
  • Porom [9-115R] x3
  • Ashe [10-106L] x2
  • Lightning [PR-110] x3

・Backups: 17 cards

  • Sage [2-005C] x3
  • Vivi [3-018C] x3
  • Black Mage [8-007C] x3
  • Eiko [3-127R] x2
  • Brahne [4-134C] x3
  • Merlwyb [4-138R] x3

・Summons: 6 cards

  • Belias, the Gigas [2-019R] x3
  • Bahamut [6-017C] x3

■Commemorative Promo Cards

 In addition to the 50-card deck, the set includes three copies of Yuna & Tidus [PR-111], and a total of 200 reprint cards. All three copies of Yuna & Tidus [PR-111] will be Premium Full Art cards. 

Yuna and Tidus PR-111

 The 200 reprint cards were selected while prioritizing those that are frequently used, so you may find cards that you’ve wanted to use but didn’t have until now.

Also included are two copies each (one of which will be a normal Full Art card) of the following nine kinds of Legend cards: Shantotto [1-107L], Golbez [1-135L], Diabolos [5-062L], Y’shtola [5-068L], Rinoa [6-041L], Zidane [6-044L], Gabranth [9-063L], Fusoya [9-094L], and Ritz [11-063L].

In addition to those, the set features a selection of other useful cards like Asura [2-049H], Gestahlian Empire Cid [4-026H], Illua [5-099H], and Mist Dragon [9-068H]. Please see below for the list of reprint cards.

■Reprint Card List

Anniversary Promotion Card

[PR-111] Yuna & Tidus x3

Reprint Card


[1-030R] Lebreau x3

[4-022R] Montblanc x3

[6-013R] Selphie x3

[7-017H] Meeth x3

[10-016C] Class Second Moogle x3

[11-017H] Marche x3


[1-033C] Argath x3

[1-044R] Sephiroth x3

[1-057R] Duke Larg x3

[1-196S] Mog (XIII-2) x3

[2-037R] Jihl Nabaat x3

[4-026H] Gestahlian Empire Cid x2

[4-034R] Cid (WOFF) x3

[5-032H] Glasya Labolas x3

[6-022R] Ysayle x3

[6-041L] Rinoa  x2

[9-030H] Hurdy x3

[9-033C] Class Ninth Moogle x3

[10-036R] Terra x3

[10-039C] Nag'molada x3


[1-083H] Maria x2

[2-049H] Asura x2

[3-049C] Izana x3

[3-056H] Zidane x3

[4-058C] Cactuar x3

[5-059R] Semih Lafihna x3

[5-062L] Diabolos x2

[5-068L] Y'shtola x2

[6-044L] Zidane x2

[8-058R] Norschtalen x3

[10-045C] Unsaganashi x3

[10-047R] Echo x3

[10-061C] Class Eighth Moogle x3

[11-063L] Ritz x2

[12-048R] Chocolatte x3


[1-095R] Enna Kros x3

[1-107L] Shantotto x2

[1-110C] Titan x3

[1-204S] Jessie x3

[3-096R] Rydia x3

[4-093R] Hecatoncheir x3

[5-091H] Star Sibyl x3

[6-067R] Epitav x3

[7-069C] Kolka x3

[9-063L] Gabranth x2

[9-068H] Mist Dragon x3

[9-074C] Class Tenth Moogle x3

[9-076H] Larkeicus x3

[10-068C] Cu Sith x3


[1-135L] Golbez x2

[1-150R] Lulu x3

[2-106R] Gramis x3

[3-112H] Exodus, the Judge-Sal x3

[3-114C] Freya x3

[4-110R] King of Burmecia x3

[5-099H] Illua x3

[5-103R] Cid of Clan Gully x3

[7-094R] Seymour x3

[9-084H] Kain x3

[9-093H] Bahamut ZERO x3

[9-094L] Fusoya x2

[9-097C] Class Sixth Moogle x3

[10-086C] Aldo x3


[1-171H] Minwu x2

[1-177R] Yuna x3

[1-180R] Wakka x3

[3-123R] Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud x3

[3-143C] Leonora x3

[10-121C] Class Fourth Moogle x3


[1-183H] Cosmos x3

[1-184H] Chaos x3

What do you think about the Anniversary Collection Set 2022? There’s still quite a bit of time left until it releases, but I hope you’re all looking forward to it!