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Producer's blog 2021-09-30 20:29:22

Card Gamer Magazine - Crystal Dominion Reveals

Lady Lilith from FFXI

Hello everyone! FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here. Today, I’m going to give you a quick introduction to six cards from Crystal Dominion that were featured in Card Gamer, a TCG specialty magazine sold in Japan.

In Crystal Dominion, a new feature called “Crystals” are introduced. These can be obtained through abilities and more. Some Characters and Summons will now gain various effects by using them. I’ll explain more details in the first Card of the Week preview, when the new series of articles begins on October 7th.

Samurai 15-007C

・Samurai [15-007C]

The new icon in the text section is a Crystal. When this card is played onto the field, a Crystal can be obtained.

Snow 14-034R

・Snow [15-034R]

If a Crystal is paid when this card is placed onto the field, a powerful, selectable auto ability is activated.

Kytes 15-047R Kytes 15-047R Full Art

・Kytes [15-047R]

A card that Sky Pirate decks will be excited to see. It allows you to protect your Sky Pirates from your opponent’s abilities or Summons, or to once more use auto abilities that triggered when placed onto the field. This card features original art by Ryoma Ito.

Hecatoncheir 15-082H Hecatoncheir 15-082H Full Art

・Hecatoncheir [15-082H] 

A large-scale Summon that extravagantly deals area damage. It’s sure to shine as a new means of clearing the board. Features original art by Toshitaka Matsuda.

Lady Lilith 15-104L

・Lady Lilith [15-104L]

Not only has the ability to gain Crystals, but also to use Crystals. A handy Forward that is capable of removal as well.

Penelo 15-115H

・Penelo [15-115H]

Has an uncommon type of ability with a cost that decreases. This card is likely to shine in a Sky Pirate deck alongside Kytes [15-047R].