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Producer's blog 2023-03-24 00:36:00

Regarding the card illustration for [19-042C] White Mage

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Thank you very much for your continued support of FFTCG. I am Tarou Kageyama, the producer of FFTCG.

As we have already reported in the official livestream and such, the card illustration for [19-042C] White Mage included in the latest booster pack "From Nightmares" was the same as that of an existing card, [13-041C] White Mage, which was different from the illustration that should have been used.

We have been double-checking card illustrations and managing card images by file name, so this issue is not something that should have occurred, but we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this error.

Since FFTCG manages cards by card number, [13-041C] White Mage and [19-042C] White Mage are treated as separate cards (there are no issues to have more than four of these cards in total in one deck). If [19-042C] White Mage is reprinted in the future, we will use the illustration that was originally intended to be used.

Again, we deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your continued support of FFTCG.

Tarou Kageyama