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News 2020-11-25 19:04:36

Tin Gift Set 2 Release Delay

We have some unfortunate news regarding Tin Gift Set 2. Due to importing logistics and our assembly process being affected by overall challenges surrounding COVID-19, we will not be hitting the previously announced December 4th release date in North America.

We are working hard internally and with our external distribution partners to release the product with minimal delay as possible.

For North America, our current target is to release the product by December 11th, but with the current situation it is possible some retailers within the North American region will receive the product some business days after our new target date.

The pre-orders made at Square Enix North America eStore will also be affected by this delay, and our current aim is to start shipping the eStore product from December 11th.

We apologize to our fans, and appreciate your support and understanding.