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So. Who's the Boss?

Boss Deck List/boss decklist desktop

The Multiplayer Challenge Boss Deck: Chaos will soon make its grand entrance into the world of FFTCG. Grab your swo...decks, and get ready to team up with one or two friends for a battle of gigantic proportions!

But beware, the Boss Deck is no joke. It will leave a trail of utter destruction in its wake so you better come prepared!  Luckily, we've compiled a nifty deck-list for you:

Boss Deck Chaos - Card List

(Don't say we didn't warn you...)

● Starter cards
The following three cards are placed in the BOSS playerʼs field at the beginning of the game (for both
NORMAL and HARD difficulty games).

  • B-001】 Chaos x1 
  • B-002】 Spiritus x1 
  • B-003】 Garland x1 

● Boss deck
The BOSS player uses the following 80 cards as their deck for the game:

  • B-004】 Zenos x3
  • B-005】 Nael x2
  • 2-026L】 Vayne x3★
  • B-006】 Orphan x3
  • 6-027L】 Kuja x3★
  • 7-034L】 Sephiroth x3
  • 11-065H】 Ardyn x3★
  • B-007】 Shadow Lord x3
  • B-008】 Golbez x3
  • B-009】 Garland x3
  • B-010】 Feral Chaos x3
  • 7-129H】 Galdes x3★
  • B-011】 Sin x2
  • B-012】 Cloud of Darkness x3


  • 1-040C】 Summoner x3
  • 4-027C】 Bard x3
  • B-013】 The Emperor x3
  • B-014】 Kefka x3
  • 1-133C】 Sage x2
  • B-015】 Seymour x3
  • 1-138C】 Summoner x3
  • 7-087R】 Exdeath x3★
  • B-016】 Ultimecia x3


  • B-017】 Ifrit x2
  • 3-037H】 Zalera, the Death Seraph x2★
  • B-018】 Diabolos x2
  • 9-068H】 Mist Dragon x2 
  • B-019】 Odin x2 
  • B-020】 Leviathan 2
  • B-021】 Zodiark, Keeper of Precepts 2

● Alternative cards used in HARD mode

When playing a HARD difficulty game, all 17 of the cards marked with a star (★) icon are replaced with the following cards instead (see reference images on the back of this guide).

The Multiplayer Challenge Boss Deck: Chaos will be available at your favourite local game store, and you can also grab it from the Square Enix Store! [Order Now]