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Resurgence of Power Card of the Week - Sephiroth

Sephiroth [Another Form]

Hello everyone, Richelle here again with another Resurgence of Power Card of the Week! I hope you’ve been enjoying the reveals so far. I’m going to be following up this week with a popular character in another form than the one we typically see him in. Let’s take a look at Sephiroth [18-116L]!

Sephiroth 18-116L

Sephiroth [18-116L] is a 4 CP Multi-Element Ice and Lightning Forward with 8000 power, category VII, and Job War Hero. He has Back Attack and two auto abilities. The first auto ability reads: “When Sephiroth enters the field, choose 1 dull Forward opponent controls. Break It.” While Sephiroth’s second auto ability triggers when Sephiroth attacks and allows you to select one of two choices. Either, “Your opponent discards 1 card.” or “Choose 1 Forward of cost 2 or less. Break it.”

Because of this combination of abilities, Sephiroth excels at interrupting your opponent’s Attack Phase. Like I mentioned in my last article, Back Attack allows you to cast the character anytime you could cast a Summon, rather than only during your Main Phase. Since he Breaks a dull Forward when he enters the field, this will typically be used to destroy an attacking Forward, and then putting Sephiroth in position to block another attack your opponent might send at you.

Not only is he now in play to be a blocker, but he presents a formidable challenge to your opponent because of his second auto ability. When you play him on your opponent’s turn with Back Attack, he’ll be able to attack right away on your turn, either destroying another Forward, or forcing your opponent to discard a card. Because of this, your opponent will likely need to deal with him right away or Sephiroth will begin to swing the game in your favor.

Pairing Sephiroth with characters who want your opponent’s hand to be empty can be especially strong, since your opponent will need to spend their resources to deal with him or start losing the cards in their hand. Lightning [15-041L] is an excellent follow-up play to Sephiroth when it becomes your turn again, being a strong, low cost Forward that very likely gains Haste, and depending on the circumstances could deal an additional point of damage assuming you empty your opponent’s hand. Other recent cards that fit this playstyle include Shantotto [16-030L] and Xezat [17-029L], each becoming cheaper cost Forwards while your opponent has few cards in hand.

Pairing with Al-Cid [14-122L], another Multi-Element Ice/Lightning Forward, is particularly great, since Sephiroth will trigger both of Al-Cid’s abilities, Freezing a Forward when Sephiroth enters the field, and dulling when Sephiroth attacks, effectively helping control your opponent’s Forwards further in subsequent turns. On the subject of Multi-Element Ice/Lightning, Zeromus [14-124H] helps lock your opponent’s board down with dulling and freezing abilities, buying time and applying pressure to make your eventual Sephiroth plays even more oppressive. Lastly, if you’d like to build out a Category VII themed Ice/Lightning Deck, one already exists with Rufus [15-140S] and the Turks from the Avalanche vs Shinra Two Player Starter Set, allowing Sephiroth to slot into that deck very easily.

With plenty of Multi-Element and control options, Sephiroth could be the boost Ice/Lightning needs to fill in the gaps where your opponent slips out of your control. Now they will always need to consider the possibility that if you’re playing Ice/Lightning, Sephiroth can show up to ruin their attack and apply pressure.

Are you excited for this newest Sephiroth card? Are you afraid of him showing up in the middle of your next match against an Ice/Lightning player? What type of deck would you put him in? Let us know at or on twitter @FFTCG_SQEX!

Next time, Kageyama-san will return with a Multi-Element Forward who is an often requested character from FINAL FANTASY XII!

Until next time!