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News 2022-02-02 18:05:02

Release Schedule and Q1 2022 Update

Cecil from Emissaries of Light

Hello everyone, we hope you've had a safe and happy holiday season and are having a good new year so far. We wanted to share some updates to the release schedule, as well as mention what's to come soon.

Schedule Changes

To start off, we are still being affected by global port congestion in all regions, and as such, we may see some slight delays to the FFX Custom Starter Set in North America, other regions are still on track for a February 25th release. In addition, we have made some changes to our release schedule and can confirm that the new dates are as follows:

  • Emissaries of Light Pre-Release Kit: April 15th
  • Emissaries of Light Booster Pack Release: April 15th
  • Anniversary Collection Set: May 27th
  • Golbez VS Cecil Two-Player Starter Set: July 15th  
  • Rebellion's Call Pre-Release Kit Weekend: August 6th & 7th
  • Rebellion's Call Booster Pack Release: August 12th

We apologize for any inconvenience with these changes and hope you are looking forward to experiencing all these future releases.

Spoiler Season

Card of the Week will start back up for Emissaries of Light starting tomorrow, February 3rd! Please keep an eye out each week for brand new card reveals leading up to the launch of Emissaries of Light. Since the release date was moved back, that does also mean we'll be doing a few more Card of the Week articles than usual. Please keep an eye on this page each Thursday to check out a new article!

Community Spoilers will also be approaching closer to the launch in April. Please understand that these Community Spoilers are a way for us to spotlight FINAL FANTASY TCG content creators in many different forms, so if you see one of their spoilers once those start, check out their content when you have time.

Organized Play

We wanted to take time to acknowledge at the start of this year, that we have always been listening regarding fans' desires for a return to Organized Play, as it is one of the most important parts of the game to them. To many of us at Square Enix and Hobby Japan, we agree. While we can't go into details today, we just wanted to reiterate that we have been looking at ways to help Organized Play in 2022 while taking into account the limitations we face during a global pandemic. Since this situation looks different in each region, we will also be approaching it in each region individually, but with as much parity as we're able. As soon as we are ready, we will make announcements regarding what each region's steps will be for this year. We ask for your patience just a little longer.

Stay safe, have fun, and see you here tomorrow for Card of the Week.