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News 2021-03-01 16:00:00

Prohibited card arbitration, March 26th

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Prohibited cards

[3-131H] Ghido has been ruled as a prohibited card in standard composition games. It will not possible to include even a single example of this card in your deck.

In addition, [12-110L] Neo Exdeath, was tentatively prohibited at certain events for single title composition games, but has now been officially recognized as a prohibited card for such. It will not possible to include even a single example of this card in your deck for single title composition games. However, it can continue to be used in standard and L3 composition games.

Timing that these prohibitions come into effect:

As a general rule, these prohibitions will take effect from Friday 26/03/2021.

This will coincide with the release of Opus XIII – Crystal Radiance, but due to the influence of the novel coronavirus, some regions may see the release delayed. Accordingly, it has been judged that these cards will be prohibited from use in any tournaments held after cards from Opus XIII – Crystal Radiance become useable.

Reasons for the prohibition

[3-131H] Ghido can be used in combination with [12-114R] Baralai to effectively inflict unlimited damage, which makes it considerably easier to break all of an opponent’s forward cards than when using the traditional process that the designers envisaged.

Even though it is only a combination of two cards, we made the decision to release under the assumption that this combination would not dominate the metagame due the fact that it requires three elements and that the [3-131H] Ghido card had been used extremely infrequently at previous tournaments and was not expected to perform strongly on its own, being ineffective against forwards that do not take damage from abilities or forwards that do not take damage lower than their own power etc..

However, it does not appear that the combination will become any weaker with Opus XIII or future card releases after that, although it could become stronger still. In addition, there is a chance of a card with an even better synchronicity with [3-131H] Ghido than [12-114R] Baralai has being added to the game at a later date, so we came to the conclusion that it was best to prohibit the card sooner rather than later.

We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience that this decision has cause players and thank you for your continuing support of FFTCG.