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Opus XIII Card of the Week - Behemoth K

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Hey everyone, Tim here!

Are you ready for the next Spoiler from Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance?

After presenting you Kunshira from FFBE, we are staying within the World of Brave Exvius with this Lightning Legend drawn by Yoshitaka Amano!

Behemoth K [13-079L] is a 5 CP Lightning Forward with the Job Sage of Hess, Category FFBE and 9000 Power. The effect reads “When Behemoth K is chosen by a Forward’s ability, break that Forward. When Behemoth K attacks, Behemoth K gains +3000 power until the end of the turn. Behemoth K deals your opponent 1 point of damage.” On Damage 5, Behemoth K also gains Hase and “When Behemoth K is blocked, Behemoth K deals your opponent 1 point of damage.”

What a beast! If you manage to attack with Behemoth K, he will hit with 12000 Power and deal 1 point of damage just by attacking and if your opponent can’t block Behemoth K, he/she will receive a second point of damage. On Damage 5, Behemoth K will become even more dangerous as he is getting Haste and will deal a second point of damage even if your opponent is able to block his attack. So, you better keep some “Forward-removals" in your hand when you are facing a player who runs the lightning element.  

My first thought was that you want to utilize Behemoth K when you are on 5 damage. This should be easy to achieve with self-damage cards like [11-090L] Kuja or [2-146H] Fusoya, who are also dealing with your opponent's Forwards at the same time. If you want to run Behemoth K in Lightning/Fire, you could also use [11-018H] Sabin and/or [11-011R] Dadaluma to reach Damage 5 quickly or [5-086L] Cecil in Lightning/Earth who can deal you multiple points of damage in the same turn for a great combo. Maybe the new Cecil who recently got spoiled in the Community-Spoiler Season is another good option. Nevertheless, my favorite option is [4-085C] Cactuar as my first deck which will include Behemoth K is Lightning/Wind.
So here is the plan: While setting up my board, I will also get some Cactuars and [10-045C] Unsaganashi onto the field, to be able to protect Behemoth K and get myself to 5 damage if necessary. Then I will play Behemoth K and [11-049R] Chelinka in the same turn to deal 4 damage – no matter if my opponent can block or not.
But even if you do not want to plan your whole deck around Behemoth K, he is just strong card in general and will be included in many Lightning-Decks for sure, especially since you can search him with [10-086C] Aldo, [9-063L] Gabranth, [11-072R] Tyro and another Card in Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance 😉

I also like the idea of running Behemoth K in an aggressive Lightning-Deck with Cards that constantly treating your opponent and trying to deal 7 points of damage very quickly. At one point, your opponent might run out of answers to your Forwards and then Behemoth K can end this game for you.

What do you think about the card? Which decks would run it and what would you like to try out? Let us know at or or join our Discord Servers to discuss this and other upcoming cards.

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I hope you enjoyed our Card of the Week Articles and that are you are as excited for Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance as we are 😊

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!