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Card of the week 2020-03-05 00:08:53

Opus XI Card of the Week - Sabin

Hello, everyone! This is Kageyama, producer of FF-TCG. Since RB did the heavy lifting for the last two weeks, I will be doing my share and introducing cards for the next two, so please bear with me. Let’s jump right in and get to this week’s Card of the Week. This week, I’d like to introduce Sabin [11-018H] from FINAL FANTASY VI. As the younger brother to the king of Figaro and as a hearty monk, let’s take a look at what kind of card Sabin has become in Opus XI: Soldier's Return.


In the original game, Sabin played an active role as an attacker. As a system very rare for an RPG back in the day, players needed to input certain button combinations like those of fighting games for Sabin to activate one of his Blitz commands. These dealt large amounts of damage, leading the team to victory. Sabin [4-021L]’s special ability—Rising Phoenix—is also one of these Blitz commands. Unfortunately, the newly introduced Sabin [11-018H] won’t have a Blitz command (special ability), but it’s been designed to be a Forward with high power, just like in the original game.

  The two abilities that Sabin [11-018H] possesses serve as incentives for unleashing attacks. The first of the abilities is an action ability which grants the card +2000 power as well as First Strike and Brave at no cost. As this is an ability that can only be used on your turn, it has been created under the prerequisite that the card will generally attack. When this ability is used, the card will have 9000 power with First Strike. In this case, your opponent probably won’t be able to easily withstand its attack. As a downside, you will be dealt 1 point of damage, but the positives brought about by this ability will cover for and outweigh the negatives.

 The other ability is a ‘Damage 5’ auto-ability, dealing damage equal to Sabin [11-018H]’s power to 1 Forward when it attacks. Emperor Xande [2-007L] can be cited as an example with a similar ability, but it can only deal 5000 damage. This shows how powerful Sabin [11-018H]’s ability is in comparison. Additionally, the synergy it has with the first ability increases this ability’s value. There probably aren’t many Forwards that can withstand 9000 damage. Though you’ll only be able to use this ability later in the game as it only kicks in after you’ve incurred 5 points of damage, it would be perfect for a type of deck with cards that go at it with full force against their opponents without giving thought to the damage it would be receiving. The downside of the first ability should work in your favor as well.


And now, as always, I’d like to introduce some cards that have good synergy with Sabin [11-018H]. Edgar [8-005C], who is Sabin’s older brother, will act as support for Sabin [11-018H]’s traits. In general, not many cards should be able to withstand a 9000 power First Strike, but with Edgar [8-005C] supporting from behind, Sabin [11-018H] would be able to defeat any opponent with up to 10,000 power without giving them a chance.

Additionally, cards that can grant Haste are also recommended. By giving Sabin [11-018H] Haste by utilizing such cards as Goblin [4-012C] and Belias [9-017C], it can unexpectedly defeat an opponent’s Forward while also inflicting unforeseen damage. Incidentally, this strategy won’t be an issue even if you’ve only incurred 4 points of damage. If you use its action ability in the Main Phase, you’ll incur your 5th point of damage, placing the auto ability into effect when you attack. Along with cards such as Locke [4-048L] which have good synergy with those that can grant Haste, it may be possible to construct a Fire/Ice Haste deck with mainly Category VI cards.

 By the way, Ursula [11-064L], which RB introduced, seems like a card that would be important for a monk deck. As Sabin [11-018H] is also an excellent monk card, it’s becoming more and more realistic that a monk deck will be constructed. I have a feeling that Sabin [11-018H] will bring about various possibilities of different deck ideas.

 And next week, I’ll introduce a card showcasing a character from MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY with its roots in FINAL FANTASY X. Please stay tuned!