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Card of the week 2024-07-04 17:00:00

Hidden Trials - Card of The Week - Caius [23-002L]

Banner depicting Caius [23-002L] on a background of face down TCG cards

Hello everyone. This is Tarou Kageyama, producer of FFTCG. This is already the fourth Card of the Week from Hidden Trials. Have you found a favorite card yet? This week, we introduce a Fire Legend card. Both the illustration and the abilities of the card are wonderful, so please look forward to it. Let's take a look. From FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 comes Caius [23-002L], newly drawn by Rubi Asami!

This illustration, drawn by Asami-san, is very striking, and the inclusion of a few hidden elements makes it a wonderfully appealing card. There are slight differences between the normal, full art, and premium versions, so be sure to compare them when you have a chance.

Now, let's take a look at Caius [23-002L] from an FFTCG card perspective. It is a Fire Element Forward with 5CP, and 9000 power. In addition to Brave, it also has two auto abilities, "when it enters the field" and "when put from the field into the Break Zone." The auto ability for "when it enters the field" is related to Bahamut, who is closely connected with Caius in the original story. It reads “When Caius enters the field, you may search for 1 [Card Name (Bahamut)] and add it to your hand. During this turn, the cost required to cast your next [Card Name (Bahamut)] is reduced by 5.” There are 12 types of [Card Name (Bahamuts)] up to Hidden Hope. Of these, Bahamut [1-018L] and Bahamut [16-132S] are the only two that are over 6CP, so in fact 10 different Bahamuts can be cast with 0CP. Most Bahamuts are high-firepower summons that deal 8000 to 10000 damage, with some dealing 12000 damage depending on the conditions. When you consider that you can place a 9000 power Forward on the field while also dealing high damage to your opponent's Forwards, you begin to understand how powerful this ability is. By the way, it can also reduce the cost of a Bahamut [12-014R] Forward to 0 since it doesn’t require a specific card type.

The other auto ability reads “When Caius is put from the field into the Break Zone, you may discard 3 cards. When you do so, play Caius from the Break Zone onto the field dull.” If one card in your hand is 2CP, it would cost 6CP to bring him back, but since you can search for a single [Card Name (Bahamut)] when entering the field, in reality you can say it costs 4CP. Furthermore, since you have [Card Name (Bahamut)] in your hand and are able to use it at a reduced cost, your opponent will have a hard time deciding whether to Break Caius or not. Since you have to discard three cards, it may be difficult if you are attacked by an Ice Element card, for example, but on the other hand, the pressure on your opponent will be immense if you have a strong hand. As a new Fire Legend card, Caius [23-002L] looks very promising.

Alright, we’ll be taking a one-week break, then the week after next will be the last card in this series of “Card of the Week.” It will feature a major character from a mainline numbered title. Please look forward to it!