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Card of the week 2023-02-02 18:42:58

From Nightmares Card of the Week - Warrior of Light

Warrior of Light from From Nightmares

Hello everyone. FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here. It’s that season again. We’re starting up the Card of the Week series for the newest booster pack, “From Nightmares,” slated for release on March 24th. I hope you enjoy!

To commemorate the start of this series, I chose the protagonist of the first game in the FINAL FANTASY series, Warrior of Light [19-128L]. This card features a brand-new illustration by Miki Yamashita. Which means, we will have a full-art version of this card as well. Let’s jump right in and look at the image of the card. The sharp gaze shows a strong intent, and the sword held straight up represents his strength as the Warrior of Light.

Warrior of Light 19-128L Warrior of Light 19-128L Full Art

Moving on, why don’t we look at the card’s abilities? … ah, perhaps my acting was a bit obvious. That’s right, before we look at the card’s abilities, we need to explain something else. Those who saw the card image may have already noticed, but the Warrior of Light [19-128L] is a multi-element card, with affinity to four elements – fire, wind, water, and earth! Having the qualities of four elements definitely makes sense for the Warrior of Light, but from an FFTCG gameplay perspective, it means you will have to prepare CP for four different elements which makes this card a bit tough to cast.

With that said, let’s actually take a deeper look at the card. It is 10,000 power with a cost of 4CP, which is higher than a standard card of the same cost. Plus, this card has three keyword abilities, and one each of field, auto, and action abilities. Let’s look at the description from the top. We first see the field ability regarding the cost to cast this card: “You can only pay with CP produced by Backups to cast Warrior of Light.” That’s right; in order to cast this card, you will have to generate one CP each from a fire, wind, earth, and water Backup. That sets the bar to cast this card a bit higher. Let’s look to see if we can expect the other abilities to be powerful.

Next, we see three keyword abilities: Haste, First Strike, Brave. Fundamental, yet powerful abilities, which is quite reassuring. You may attack right away with Haste, and having First Strike, you may defeat any Forward up to 10,000 power; then, Brave will allow you to block even after attacking.

Following that, is the auto ability, when the card enters the field: “When Warrior of Light enters the field due to your cast, activate all the Backups you control. Draw 1 card.” Why, if all the Backups you used become active again, the actual cost to cast Warrior of Light [19-128L] ends up being 0; or better yet, you just drew a card, so the CP cost is actually -2, no – if you have the maximum of five Backups, all of those become active, which could make the actual cost -3! Well, that’s what the math says, anyway; but it is a pain to set up your Backups, and so it might not feel as groundbreaking as it sounds. That said, there is no doubt that this is a powerful card.

Finally, we have the action ability: “Dull: Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 5000 damage.” This ability works very well with the three keyword abilities; it goes without saying that it’s great that you can use the card right away with Haste, and Brave will make this card quite a threat when attacking and blocking. Due to this, a Forward with a power of 15,000 or below cannot defeat Warrior of Light [19-128L]. Plus, having Brave will allow for you to reign supreme in both offence and defense.

Well, what did you think? Would Warrior of Light [19-128L] be a worthy addition to your “Warrior of Light” deck? Or do you expect him to be a protagonist of a completely new multi-element deck? I would love for you to consider different ways to incorporate this card into your deck.

Next time, Richelle will be showcasing a popular character who belongs to the wind and water elements. Stay tuned!