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News 2022-02-15 19:14:55

FINAL FANTASY X Custom Starter Set - Card List Reveal

Braska from FFX Custom Starter Set

 We’re revealing the list of cards, including 10 starter cards, that come in the “Custom Starter Set FINAL FANTASY X,” which releases soon. With 50 cards for the starting deck and 50 cards to customize it, this new type of starter set comes with a total of 100 cards and is brimming with appeal!

Jecht 16-131S Bahamut 16-132S Braska 16-133S Yuna 16-134S Lulu 16-135S
Auron 16-136S Rikku 16-137S Wakka 16-138S Tidus 16-139S Sin 16-140S

Starting Deck List

・Wind Deck

[16-134S] Yuna           3 cards

[16-135S] Lulu 3 cards

[1-199S] Paine 3 cards

[10-050C] Thief          2 cards

[8-055C] Selkie           2 cards

[1-197S] Brother         3 cards

[8-057C] Ninja            2 cards

[4-061C] White Mage  2 cards

[4-070C] Archer          2 cards

[9-047C] Sylph            2 cards


[16-136S] Auron         3 cards

[16-137S] Rikku          3 cards

[16-138S] Wakka        3 cards

[7-108H] Kimahri       3 cards

[1-215S] Lenne           3 cards

[1-157C] Scholar         2 cards

[6-113C] Summoner   2 cards

[9-108C] White Mage  2 cards

[2-133R] Cuchulainn, the Impure        3 cards


[16-139S] Tidus          2 cards

Customization Card List


[16-131S] Jecht           3 cards

[16-133S] Braska        3 cards

[12-014R] Bahamut    3 cards

[5-017C] Ninja            2 cards

[7-001H] Auron          3 cards

[7-020C] Lulu 2 cards

[8-007C] Black Mage  3 cards

[11-010C] Warrior      2 cards

[12-007C] Black Mage 2 cards

[16-132S] Bahamut     3 cards

[2-019R] Belias, the Gigas       2 cards

[11-001R] Ifrit 3 cards


[2-063R] Paine            3 cards

[2-071R] Rikku           2 cards

[8-046R] Alexander     2 cards


[2-138L] Yuna 2 cards

[3-123R]  Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud          2 cards

[10-117H] Tidus         2 cards

[14-108H] Jecht          2 cards


[16-139S] Tidus          1 cards

[16-140S] Sin  3 cards