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FFTCG North American Championship 2019

Hello everyone, RB here! I want to go over all of the details for this year's FFTCG North American Championship!

As a reminder, all players will receive the 2019 "Road to World Championship" Full Art Zidane Promo Card!


Hilton LAX

5711 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

La Jolla Ballroom

October 19-20

Official Contest Rules

Please follow the link for an official breakdown of the contest rules:

Entry Gifts

All players who enter will receive a Tote Bag containing:

1 Pack of North American Championship 2019 Sleeves (see Key Art Above)

1 “Road to Worlds” Zidane Promo Card

1 Foil Full Art Alba Monthly OP Promo Card

1 Full Art Cactuar Promo

4 Packs of Opus IX


Top 32 - North American Championship 2019 Playmat (see Key Art Above)

Top 16 - 2 additional copies of each of the 3 entry promos (Zidane/Cactuar/Alba) to create a playset!

Top 8 – Zidane Tribal & Garnet til Alexandros Bring Arts Figure Set

5th- 8th – Non-Foil Opus IX Complete Set

Top 4 – Trip to the 2019 FFTCG World Championship, Foil Opus IX Complete Set, Trophy

Top 2 – Final Fantasy XIV Meister Quality Figure Ultima

CHAMPION – Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Play Arts -Kai- Cloud Strife & Fenrir Action Figure, and a foil Playset of Opus X (to be delivered to winner at 2019 World Championship).

Side Events

We will have Side Events on Day 2, which all players (even those not qualified) are welcome to join*!

Here is a rough schedule of when each will begin:

The Wolves Den – 11:30 AM PDT

Title Format Tournament – 12:00 PM PDT


Hobby Japan Gunslinger Challenges – Time TBD

*Please keep in mind that while events are open to all players, we may need to turn players away from participation should the room reach capacity.

Registration begins at 9 AM

As always please be there at 9 AM for registration. Lateness may result in disqualification from the tournament. We are unable to add players after the tournament has started. Decklists must be ready to go ahead of the tournament, which brings me to the format...


Day 1: Seven (7), 70-Minute, Best of 3 Swiss Rounds

Day 2: Double Elimination, 1-16 in [70-Minute, Best of 3] Upper Tree, 17-32 in [30-Minute, Best of 1] Lower Tree

Players will register two decks, with no card matching between the two. When participating in Bo3 rounds, players must win with both decks, therefore once you win with one of your decks, you are forced to swap to the other for any remaining games. In Bo1 elimination rounds, you may choose either deck before the match begins.

The bracket will work like below:

So, when a Bo3 Match is lost in the Upper Tree, that player will get a second chance in the Lower Tree, but must win out every game to progress. This will amount in a similar amount of overall games won between the Top 4 players. The Top 4 are comprised of the Top 2 of each bracket, and will win the World Championship invites. Any invites passing down will prioritize the Upper Tree and take into account Day 1 Swiss Rankings.


Please see the list below for all possible qualifications and who has earned them. If there are any issues, please contact

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game North American Championship 2019 Tournament.  Open to legal residents of North America (void where prohibited) who are 16 or older.  Enter before October 19, 2019.  Sponsor: Square Enix, Inc. 999 N. Pacific Coast Highway #3, El Segundo, CA 90245.  For full terms and conditions, see the official rules at: []