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FFTCG North America Championship 2023 Details

Original Illustration of Cloud

With the FINAL FANTASY TCG event season back underway and going strong, we wanted to announce the dates and location for this year’s North America Championship along with some format details.

The FFTCG North America Championship will take place on September 9th and 10th at the Embassy Suites in El Segundo, CA.

[Link: Embassy Suites]

This event will use Standard Two Deck Format, where players cannot share cards between their two decks. On day 1, 64 players will be participating in six (6) best of 3 Swiss Rounds, with the top 10 players moving on to day 2. Players will need to win using both of their decks to win the round.

Day 2 will use double elimination brackets. 1st will be paired against 10th, 2nd will be paired against 9th, while 3rd through 8th will be randomly paired against the 6 players who earned their Day 2 skip from winning Materia Cup events. The winner’s bracket will be Best of 3, same as Day 1, and if a player loses a round in the Winner’s Bracket, they will move to the loser’s bracket. The loser’s bracket will consist of best of 1 matches with either of their decks, which they can choose before each round.

The winners of each bracket will play in the finals, where the winner’s bracket player needs to win a best of three, while the loser’s bracket player needs to win a best of 3, and then another best of 1 match that will decide it all.

The winner of the event will qualify for 2024 North America Championship, and the Top 4 players will earn trips to Tokyo, Japan to participate in this year’s World Championship. More prizing details will follow later, along with official contest rules. Please keep in mind that details are subject to change before the event takes place, and we will announce any updates as soon as we can. Good luck to everyone competing for your invites, and to everyone who makes it, see you there!

New Updates 9/01/2023

Entry Gifts

All players will receive the following entry gifts upon registration:

1 Tote Bag

1 NA Championship 2023 Playmat (see Key Art Above)

1 Special Card Sleeve pack

6 Booster Packs

3 Promo Cards [Tyro (PR-140), Glaciela (PR-141), and Chelinka (PR-072)]


TOP 32 - Cloud (PR-142) Full-Art Card

TOP 16 - 2023 Championship Card (Garnet (PR-143) Full-Art Card)


5th-8th - Dawn of Heroes Opus XX Normal Card Set

TOP 4* - Round Trip to compete in the World Championship 2023 Tokyo, Team NA 2023 Jacket, Dawn of Heroes Opus XX Foil Card Set, FFTCG: Anniversary Collection Set 2022, and FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Backpack - SHINRA

3rd-4th - Semi-Finalist Trophy

TOP 2 – Beyond Destiny Opus XXI Normal Card Set*, Yuffie (18-050-L) Full-Art card

2nd - Finalist Trophy

Champion - Champion Trophy, Beyond Destiny Opus XXI Foil Card Set*, Cloud (19-114L) Full-Art card
*Beyond Destiny card sets to be delivered at the FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME World Championship 2023.

Registration begins at 8:30am

Doors will open at 9am for all players and will close at 9:30am. Registration must be completed by 9:30am, lateness may result in disqualification from the tournament. We are unable to add players after the tournament has started.

Qualified Players

Please see the list below for all possible qualifications and who has earned them. If there are any issues, please contact