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News 2021-02-12 18:00:00


Preemptive delay announcement  roadmap change/roadmap change desktop

Hello everyone,

We hope you are excited about the release of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Shadowbringers Starter Set later this month, and can’t wait for you to experience the formidable Chaos Boss Deck and Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance releases as well!

Unfortunately, the current situation with COVID-19 has rendered the logistics worldwide rather unpredictable and, as such, we wanted to inform you pre-emptively that certain delays may occur. Please rest assured we are doing our best to keep the disruption to a minimum, and we will provide regular updates via our official regional FFTCG channels, as needed.

With this said, we have also decided to modify the schedule for our subsequent two previously announced releases, as per below. This should allow enough buffer for us to ensure a timely delivery:

OPUS XIV – Crystal Abyss

Original release date: 16th July 2021 - New release date: 6th August 2021

New 2-Player Starter Set

Original release date: June 2021 - New release date: September 2021

In the meantime, every cloud has a silver lining so how about another card reveal, full-art style?

All the talk of releases had us realize we’ve yet to share the Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance pre-release promo, Bhunivelze [PR-091/13-062H]!

This 10 CP Forward gets cheaper to cast based on each different Element you have among your Back-Ups, but doesn’t count Backups with more than one Element. If you have 5 Backups that don’t share any Element, Bhunivelze is free! On top of that, the art is gorgeous, so we hope you’ll be looking forward to receiving this when Pre-release Kits are available.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. Please continue to stay safe, healthy, and follow your local health guidelines.

Please continue to keep an eye out here, on our website, for up to date information as it’s available.

Until next time.

The FFTCG Team