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News 2020-12-03 14:18:18

FFTCG 2020 Events Season Cancellation

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Back in July, we had made an announcement about postponing all FFTCG events for the foreseeable future due to the safety concerns over COVID-19. While this likely comes as no surprise, we unfortunately need to formally announce the cancellation of the 2020 FFTCG event season.

The following events are no longer postponed and are officially cancelled:

  • 2020 Crystal Cups
  • 2020 L3 Open Tournaments
  • 2020 FFTCG Local Qualifiers
  • 2020 FFTCG North American Championship
  • 2020 FFTCG World Championship

Our original hope was that we would be able to pick up with events soon, with the World Championship rescheduled to early 2021, and some form of revised structure for events happening before it. Now that it’s clear that events still won’t be safe for some time, we feel it is better to wipe the slate clean and start fresh once it’s safe to do so. Any new events in North America will be announced at a later date when Square Enix believes it is safe to do so.

This does also mean that other regions may have events start up again before North America does. Additionally, as to not encourage travel during the pandemic, players from outside the region where an event is taking place will not be permitted to participate.

While we are also anxious to get back to official FFTCG events, the safety of our players and staff will always take priority.

We will announce a return to events as soon as it is determined. Please keep posted here on, and our official Facebook page at for more information as it’s available.


[This section may be periodically updated.]

Will future events follow the same structure announced for 2020?

On top of the pandemic being an issue in North America, many stores have either closed or restructured, and don’t have the same capabilities to hold large events that they may have previously been able to if the pandemic were over.

Because of this, we’ll need to assess what that means for FFTCG events, and how our approach in North America may need to change in a post-COVID environment. We would very much love to have Crystal Cups, L3 Opens, and Local Qualifiers as previously announced, but it’s hard to say that anything is definitive at this time.

What formats will be played when events resume?

This also, unfortunately, falls under us having to wait and see before a decision can be made.

Will the next World Championship still be in Singapore?

Much like North America events, the slate is being cleared globally across the board. This means that the next location for the World Championship will be announced at a later date when we can announce a return of the World Championship.

I saw Japan announced Masters events, can I travel to participate in those events?

Space will be limited at those events and tickets for the event will not be first come first served. Players from within the area will be given priority to purchase tickets, so if you are not living in Japan, you will not be permitted to obtain a ticket.

Have any questions about events not covered here? Ask us at!