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Emissaries of Light Card of the Week - Tidus

Tidus from FFX

Hi everyone! Richelle here again, it’s back to my turn for a new Emissaries of Light reveal. Each cycle of Card of the Week articles for a new set, I try to fit in at least one reveal that’s entirely based on artwork I love. Of course, it helps when a card has some great effects to go along with it, and this week’s lines up both of those perfectly with gorgeous artwork by Kumiko Koike. Let’s talk about [Tidus 16-116L]!

FINAL FANTASY X is a beloved game for many different reasons. I have vivid memories of playing it growing up and watching the opening scene of Tidus playing Blitzball. Blitzball also became the part of that title that I loved the most. Tidus was, understandably, such an incredible player who always had a way of slipping by enemies, scoring goals, and removing blockers from the field with his father’s patented Jecht Shot! While there have been plenty of Tidus cards in FFTCG, I’m really drawn to the one I’m about to share for that very reason. Let’s take a look…

Tidus 16-116L Tidus 16-116L Full Art

Tidus [16-116L] is a 3 CP Water Forward with 7000 power, Job Guardian and categories DFF and X. He has a field ability that states “Tidus cannot be blocked.” So, just like in Blitzball he’s always scoring! He also has a couple of auto abilities, the first reads “When Tidus is put from the field into its owner’s deck, draw 3 cards.” The second reads, “When Tidus is chosen by your opponent’s Summons or abilities, you may put Tidus at the bottom of its owner’s deck. When you do so, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Put it at the bottom of its owner’s deck.”

With that combination of abilities, Tidus [16-116L] is treating the FFTCG match like he would any Blitzball game, and your opponent’s Damage Zone is the goal. Since he cannot be blocked, he is a literal timer on the game for your opponent if he stays on the field, however dealing with him can also set your opponent back. Any time he’s chosen, his controller will get to put him back in their deck and draw 3 cards, while taking an opposing Forward off the field (sounds a lot like a Jecht Shot).

Thanks to his Job, Guardian, we already know a strong pairing could be with Kimahri [7-108H] who hasn’t seen much use yet. Given many of the cards in the new FINAL FANTASY X Custom Starter Set also deal with Job Guardian cards, you’ll have more options should you want to explore that Job’s strategy.

That said, Tidus is typically only dangerous the turn AFTER he’s played, and he’s very susceptible to board wipes that don’t choose Forwards. You’ll want to use cards that can protect him, like Amaterasu [12-002H] or Y’shtola [5-068L] if you do go wide. However, if Tidus is your lone Forward, your opponent will typically need to overspend to deal with him, using cards like Shantotto [1-107L] or Philia [13-129S], so 3CP would be a good investment. As a fun trick, you can run Aemo [11-109R] with Tidus to make your opponent afraid of choosing any of your Forwards, since you can redirect their choice to Tidus and get his abilities to trigger!

To sum it up: Tidus [16-116L] is a very strong attacker who is just what the Besaid Aurochs— I mean… Category X and Job Guardian—needed to keep the pressure on with constant shots on the goal and agile swimming! Does Tidus have what it takes to join your team? Let us know what you think!

Next week, Kageyama-san joins us with a beast of a reveal!

See you then!