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DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY Collection Set 2023 Product Overview

DISSIDIA FF Collection Set 2023

Introducing the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY Collection Set 2023, FFTCG’s newest storage box collection set, containing both new and reprinted cards, along with a guide for new players. The storage box is adorned with an illustration of Y'shtola from the "DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT" 4th anniversary. Among the set’s 118 total cards, 98 cards are specifically for the customizable deck (one 50-card deck and 48 cards for customization), 2 Crystal cards meant to be used as tokens during gameplay, and 18 cards featuring illustrations from the "DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT" 4th anniversary.

 The customizable deck consists of a Starter deck of "Fire/Ice" cards (23 Fire, 23 Ice, and 4 Light cards), including Bartz [21-134S] and Cosmos [1-183H], both of which are Light cards, and the Fire/Ice cards can be replaced with the 23 Wind cards included in the customizable deck. By simply replacing the Fire or Ice element cards with the 23 Wind element cards included in the customization cards, you can easily transform the deck into a “Fire/Ice” deck or an “Ice/Wind” deck. Also, there are 25 freely interchangeable cards, allowing players to create an original custom deck of their own.

 In addition to the customizable deck, the set also includes 18 cards consisting of 17 Full Art Standard cards with illustrations originally drawn for the 4th anniversary of "DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY," such as Warrior of Light [16-127L] and Firion [18-130L], as well as 1 Premium Foil card of Y'shtola [21-036H] (not Full Art), which will be included in the Booster set tentatively scheduled for release in November 2023 (in addition to the Standard Full Art version). Reprints of popular cards in the tournament scene, such as Shantotto [16-030L] and Cecil [16-051L], are included among the Full Art cards with vibrant illustrations, making the lineup attractive for both practical use and collectability.

Product Contents:

  • Storage box (1)
  • New Player Guide (1)
  • Deck Customization Guide (1)
  • Total of 118 cards (117 Standard cards, 1 Premium card)
    • Preconstructed Deck: 50 cards (23 Fire, 23 Ice, 4 Light)
    • Cards for Customization: 48 cards
      • Quick preconstructed modification cards (23 Wind)
      • Interchangeable cards (9 Fire, 8 Ice, 8 Wind)
    • “DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY” 4th anniversary illustration cards: 18 cards (17 Full Art Non-Foil Cards, 1 Premium Foil Y’shtola non-Full Art card)
    • Crystal Card: 2 cards

◆Starter Cards: 10 types, 3 cards each

・Fire element

Onion Knight [21-125S]

Cloud [21-126S]

Firion [21-127S]

・Ice element

Shantotto [21-128S]

Terra [21-129S]

Noctis [21-130S]

・Wind element

Warrior of Light [21-131S]

Cecil [21-132S]

Tidus [21-133S]

・Light element

Bartz [21-134S]

※1 of the cards is a Full Art Standard card.

◆Reprinted Legendary cards: 2 types, 2 cards each

Zidane [6-044L]

Squall [10-033L]

※Both cards are Standard cards with frames.

◆DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY 4th Anniversary Illustration Cards: 17 types, 18 cards

Bartz [12-052H]

Noctis [12-121R]

Lightning [13-081H]

Onion Knight [13-106H]

Ramza [13-121R]

Cloud [14-065L]

Vaan [14-125L]

Terra [15-037L]

Shantotto [16-030L]

Cecil [16-051L]

Tidus [16-116L]

Warrior of Light [16-127L]

Firion [18-130L]

Ace [19-002L]

Zidane [19-108L]

Squall [PR-108]

Y’shtola [21-036H]

※There are 18 cards in total, including 1 Full Art Standard card for each card and 1 Premium Framed card of Y'shtola [21-036H].

◆Crystal cards: 2 types, 1 each

Standard cards of [C-001] and [C-002].

Tentative Release: October 6th 2023

This set will be available for pre-order by Local Game Stores through their distributor, or in North America on the Square Enix Store: [link].

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