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News 2023-09-21 17:00:00

Beyond Destiny - Card of the Week Princess Sarah [21-048L], Jack Garland [21-124L] & Darkness Manifest [21-123H]

Card spread depicting Princess Sarah, Jack Garland and Darkness Manifest

Hello everyone, FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here. We’re fast approaching the November 17th release date for the latest booster pack “Beyond Destiny.” Which means we’ll be kicking off another season of the “Card of the Week,” where we’ll introduce new cards each week. We’ll be showing off many appealing cards, so stay tuned. Now, let’s jump right in. In this first Card of the Week, I’d like to introduce some cards from STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN that will be making their first appearance in the realm of FFTCG. I’m actually going to talk about three cards: Princess Sarah [21-048L], which will be included as a bonus when purchasing a display box, the special card Jack Garland [21-124L], and the PR card Darkness Manifest [21-123H] that will be given out at the prerelease party! I would love for you to stick around until the end.

The heroine of the original FINAL FANTASY and the princess of Cornelia has previously appeared as a Light card as well as a Water one. Appearing for the third time, Princess Sarah [21-048L] is a Wind element Backup, with a cost of 2 CP, Category SOPFFO, and Job Princess. She has two very useful action abilities. The first reads, “《0》: Choose 1 Forward. Until the end of the turn, it gains ‘This Forward cannot be chosen by EX Bursts.’ You can only use this ability during your Main Phase and only once per turn.” You are limited to using this once per turn, but it doesn’t require CP, so if you’re planning to attack, I don’t see any harm in utilizing this ability. You may select the Forward you plan to attack next, or a card you do not want removed from the game.

The second action ability reads, “《Dull》, discard 1 [Job Princess]: Choose 1 Forward. During this turn, the next damage dealt to it becomes 0 instead.” Any kind of damage will become 0, so not only will damage from abilities or Summons be negated, but also combat damage will be reduced down to 0. If you see Princess Sarah [21-048L] in your opponent’s field, and she is active, you will have to tread very carefully when dealing damage.

We first introduced Special Cards since “Resurgence of Power” from one year ago, and this time we are featuring a newcomer to FFTCG who is also featured on the box art of Beyond Destiny: Jack Garland [21-124L]. He exudes such a confident presence.

Jack Garland [21-124L] is a Dark element Forward with a cost of 3 CP and a power of 9000. He is Category SOPFFO, and Job Stranger. Other than this card being considered to be Card Name Garland in all situations, plus having Brave, he has a specific auto ability and an action ability. The auto ability allows you to search for 1 Category SOPFFO Forward and add it to your hand, which is a pretty standard, but very useful ability.

The action ability, while what it says is very clear, might require you to think about when to utilize it. It reads, “《Dull》: Choose 1 Dark Character. Break it. Jack Garland deals you 1 point of damage.” If your opponent has Dark Characters in their deck, then this card would be very effective. Especially if they have Characters such as Chaos [1-184H] and Spiritus [20-129H], you could destroy your opponent’s battle lines depending on the timing at which you deploy Jack Garland [21-124L]. At the same time, you might benefit from the fact that you can break a Dark Character you control as well. There are lots of possibilities, for FFTCG has over 2,800 different cards.

Finally, let’s look at Darkness Manifest [21-123H], which you can obtain through the prerelease party. It is a Dark element Forward with a cost of 7 CP and Power 9000, and of course, it is Category SOPFFO. Darkness Manifest [21-123H] is quite a pesky one, when looking at it from the opponent’s perspective. Its auto ability when it enters the field reads, “During your first main phase, Darkness Manifest will deal 1 point of damage to your opponent.” Regardless of you deliberately attacking, Darkness Manifest will deal 1 point of damage. You may think, “why not break it to quickly deal with it?” However, if you do that its other ability will activate: “When Darkness Manifest leaves the field, choose 1 Character. Break it.”

It’s worth noting that this will activate whenever Darkness Manifest is broken, removed from the game, or goes back into your hand, plus that doesn’t necessarily have to be triggered by the opponent’s ability or Summon.

The cost is 7 CP, which some of you may think is quite steep, but it also says, “You can pay 《2》 and remove 1 Fire, 1 Wind, 1 Earth and 1 Water Character in your Break Zone from the game (instead of paying the CP cost) to cast Darkness Manifest.” which allows you to reduce the cost. It might be a bit of a hurdle to get over, but this Character will yield a worthy return, so I encourage you to take on the challenge.

Next time, we will talk about a certain last boss from one of the FINAL FANTASY titles . See you next week!

Tarou Kageyama