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Card of the week 2023-10-12 17:00:00

Beyond Destiny - Card of the Week - Faris [21-114L]

Faris Pirate Card Art

Hello, everyone! This is Tarou Kageyama, producer of FFTCG. Here, we introduce cards from the upcoming booster pack “Beyond Destiny”, scheduled for release on November 17, and this is already our fourth article in the series. I mentioned this at the end of the last article, but today, I’ll be introducing a Warrior of Light. To be precise, it’s Faris [21-114L], one of the playable characters from FINAL FANTASY V. In the original game, she appeared not only as a Warrior of Light, but initially as a pirate captain. Faris [21-114L] highlights the pirate aspect of this character so let’s dive right in!  

Faris [21-114L] is a 4CP Water Forward with 8000 power. It has two Jobs, Pirate and Warrior of Light, as well as two abilities, one field and one action ability. The field ability affects Job Pirate and Card Name Viking, and as mentioned above, highlights the fact that she’s a pirate. It reads, “The power of the Job Pirate Forwards and Card Name Viking Forwards other than Faris you control becomes 8000”. It isn’t a conventional ability that makes a card 8000 power until the end of a turn. As long as Faris [21-114L] remains, the applicable cards you control will have 8000 power. Incidentally, there are a total of four Card Name Viking cards at this time and they’re all Forwards. They all have the ability to either draw a card or play Card Name Viking, so you can take advantage of this to get a number of them lined up. And since all these Forwards become 8000 power, the pressure they exude will be quite tremendous. Unfortunately, there aren’t many Job Pirates yet, but even so, there are lighter Forwards such as Leila [6-126R], so it doesn’t seem completely impossible to build a super aggressive Pirate-themed deck.

That being said, there’s also a weakness in that your overall attack power will decline at once when Faris [21-114L] herself is taken out. Though, the following action ability will be able to suppress this to some extent. It reads, “《0》: Choose 1 Summon or ability that is choosing only Faris. You may choose another Water Forward you control (The newly chosen Forward must be a valid choice)”. This means that when your opponent uses a Summon or ability to try to break Faris, if it’s choosing only Faris, then it’ll be quite difficult for them to achieve this objective. And by choosing a Forward such as Viking [4-113C] in its place, one that will allow you to draw a card when it leaves the field, you could gain an advantage. Furthermore, there’s no limit of once per turn, so it’ll be quite difficult for your opponent to target and break Faris. The strategy is to line up Forwards, so the possibility of being wiped out by Shantotto [1-107L] and such is quite risky, but since you should have still gained some advantage with your hand, you should be able to recover quickly after things reset. Also, “Beyond Destiny” contains three Job Pirate cards, including Faris [21-114L], so please check out the player previews for information on such cards when they become available. We look forward to seeing some new card decks. 

Alright, we’re starting to head into the home stretch for the “Beyond Destiny” series. Next up, an antagonist character from a mainline title in the FINAL FANTASY series. Please stay tuned!