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News 2019-10-22 15:02:10

Announcing our first ever Final Fantasy TCG Gift Set!

Tin Box Gift Set Announcement/gift set banner desktop

Between the Final Fantasy VII Remake, the 2-player Starter Set Cloud VS Sephiroth and Opus XI, it is fair to say that next year was off to a pretty good start right?

But hear us friends, 2020 will not be the year of half-measures, it will be the year of Final Fantasy, in all its glory, and we're always happy to add an extra cherry (or two) on top of the cake.

Without further ado, please welcome the latest entry in our FFTCG range!

The Final Fantasy TCG Gift Set will release next March. Encased in a gorgeous tin box, you will find 3 x Opus 1, 3 x Opus II, 3 x Opus III and 1 x Opus X boosters along with an exclusive Tifa promo card!

Oh and yes, we may also have included these two...

That's right! Each Final Fantasy TCG Gift Set will also feature 1 English copy of PR047 Y'shtola and PR048 Hræsvelgr! (which was the plan all along! Ahem...)

We hope that you are excited about this news and looking forward to Opus X, the World Championship, the Community Contest, and an absolute shower of FINAL FANTASY next year!!!