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News 2023-10-12 20:00:00

About Garnet [PR-143]

Garnet playing cards

Hello everyone. This is Tarou Kageyama, producer of FFTCG.

More and more players are currently making the cut to participate in the first FFTCG World Championship in some time. For the upcoming World Championship 2023, as well as the ongoing regional championships where players qualify for worlds, we are trying something new and unprecedented for the prize awarded to top players. That is none other than Garnet [PR-143].

This card is not available through booster packs, starter sets, or other products; moreover, it is a brand-new card—both as an FFTCG card as well as its artwork, featuring an original illustration by Toshitaka Matsuda. Trophies, complete sets, or various FINAL FANTASY merchandise are desirable prizes for players who have achieved great heights in tournaments, but because they have gone as far as placing in the top ranks of a major card game tournament, we wanted to award this new prize, as we felt it would be even more appreciated among players. It’s a full art, foil, premium card unlike what we normally see, making it worthy of being held by players who have achieved top results.  

As a producer, though, I also want all FFTCG players to get a hold of Garnet [PR-143] with its wonderful illustration. For that reason, I’d like to present an opportunity for players to widely obtain the normal full art card and the premium full art card in some way in the future. It’ll probably be further down the road, and we will not be distributing the exact same version as this one, but I hope you all look forward to what’s to come! 

* Players may begin using Garnet [PR-143] at the same time as the cards in the “Beyond Destiny” booster pack, which is scheduled for release on November 17, 2023. (Until then, the card cannot be used in decks during official tournaments.)

* Rules and FAQs regarding Garnet [PR-143] will be announced at the timing noted above when players may begin using the card.

We appreciate your continued support of FFTCG!

Tarou Kageyama