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Card of the week 2022-11-03 16:22:14

Resurgence of Power Card of the Week - Akstar

Akstar from FFBE

Hi everyone, this is Tim – yes I am back to CotW - and today I will present a card from the newest booster pack "Resurgence of Power” which will be released on December 9. So, let’s take a look the card:

Akstar 18-107L

Akstar is a 3 CP Fire and Ice Forward with the 8000 Power, Category FFBE, Job Warrior and reads:
When Akstar enters the field, dull and Freeze all the Forwards other than cost 3. When Akstar enters the field, you may play 1 Fire or Ice Forward of cost 3 or less onto the Field. When Akstar enters the field or attacks, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Deal it 3000 damage for each Forward of cost 3 you control.

When I was playing draft last weekend, I was playing a Fire/Ice Deck and it had quite a lot of 3 cost cards in it, how fitting that I am writing this Article now and can use some of those cards as examples.
As Akstar has 3 Abilities that activate when he enters the field, you are getting a lot back for the 3 CP you have just spent, so lets break it down.

On entry Akstar dulls and Freezes all Forwards that don’t cost 3 CP – yes this includes your own. So if you don’t want to commit to a pure 3 cost Forward deck, you might have some other Forwards on the field, but you could attack with all of them and when they are dull you bring in Akstar directly from your Hand with Hurdy [17-034R] or play Akstar in your opponents turn to cancel all non-3-cost Forwards for 2 Attack Phases. Of course you could also use Devout [1-048C] or Samurai [16-009C] to bring Akstar back from the Break-Zone and utilize all this entry abilities again.

With his second entry ability, you may play 1 Fire or Ice Forward of cost 3 or less . Well, we just mentioned Samurai [16-009C] and many other Samurais are cost 3 as well, what a nice fit. But there are many other options as well, my first thought was The Emperor [15-027R], as he can keep coming back to buff Akstar’s On-Attack ability or Lyse [8-139S] to have some extra Power against Amaterasu [12-002H] but the possibilities are endless, you could also use Time Mage [8-039C] to discard a 3 Cost Card, which will then dull and Freeze all remaining active Forwards your opponent might have or you go a different route and bring in Lightning [15-041L] for some early pressure.

And as if this isn’t enough so far, his third entry ability is also an on-attack ability that deals 3000 damage for each Forward of cost 3 your control, so in theory you always want to have about 3 3-cost Forwards to deal 9000 damage with each attack. If one of them is Iroha [8-004R] you even deal 10000 damage instead – guess we are back to Samurais, aren’t we?
And remember Rain [8-021R] where you would need to pay 1 Fire CP to deal 3000 damage on entry/attack? *Insert Akstar’s laugh here*

As Category FFBE is really nothing special for Ice/Fire, the Job Warrior still makes Akstar a 10k Forward with Guy [15-005R] that is also searching a 3 Cost Rebel – will this be the time for Leon [1-060H]? I am sure we will find out shortly after the 9th December when Resurgence of Power is hitting the stores.

You will probably have some more (and better ideas) to utilize Akstar’s full potential, so looking Forward to hear your Ideas about this card! Maybe you even want to run this in a 50-card Ice/Fire Forward deck? Let us know at or on any other Social Media Channel!

Next week, Richelle is brining you another Legendary Card that might be stuck in your head for a while after reading its name. Stay tuned,