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Card of the week 2022-07-28 17:28:07

Rebellion's Call Card of the Week - Minwu

Minwu from FFII

 Hello everyone, FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here! The final card we’re showcasing is Minwu [17-123L], who appears on the display box and booster packaging for Rebellion’s Call. This illustration was drawn by Toshitaka Matsuda for MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY. I personally have a strong emotional attachment to this piece, which is what led me to first request an original illustration from Matsuda-san for FFTCG, and I’m ecstatic for having been able to convert this illustration into a card. Now, after a long preamble, let’s look at Minwu [17-123L].


 Minwu [17-123L] is an 8000 power, 5CP Forward with an ability that reduces the card’s own cost, and an action ability that clearly looks powerful. The cost reducing ability requires 3 Summons, each of a different Element, so you may need to be selective with the deck used. If you would like to steadily reduce the cost, you may need to include more cards that search for Summons or incorporate more Summons in the first place.   

  In contrast, the action ability is something that’s useful in any situation – it’s powerful yet easy-to-use. You can choose 1 ability that is choosing a Forward you control and cancel its effect at no cost. This means that it can cancel any ability as long as it’s choosing a Forward you control. It cancels action abilities, auto-abilities, and even special abilities. It doesn’t matter how many are chosen, so even Braska [16-133S]’s “Grand Summon” can be cancelled. As expected, it comes with a once per turn limitation, but even so, the mere presence of Minwu is sure to greatly limit your opponent’s moves, since they’ll need an ability that can be used as bait for this ability in order to choose and break a Forward.

 Next, I’d like to take a look at some cards that have great synergy with Minwu [17-123L], but I’d like to introduce a few MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY characters given it’s a Category “MOBIUS” card. The first one that comes to mind is Sophie [16-076R]. Sophie’s second ability references the cost written on the card, so even when you reduce the cost to cast Minwu [17-123L], you can still activate its ability, even though you may have actually only paid 2 CP. Based on the same logic, Wol [16-044L] is also effective. Casting Minwu [17-123L] at 2CP will still allow you to draw 1 card, and when Minwu [17-123L] is placed on the field, it cannot be chosen by an opponent’s Summons or abilities due to Wol [16-044L]’s effect, strengthening Minwu [17-123L]’s defense.

 If you want to make effective use of the cost-reduction ability, then Fusoya [9-094L] might be a good option. With Fusoya, you’ll be able to pay the cost for your Summons with CP of any Element, and Minwu [17-123L]’s 5CP would be sufficient enough to boost the firepower of Fusoya’s auto-ability.

 Of course, Minwu [17-123L]’s abilities are versatile, so it’ll be useful across a variety of decks without specifically being limited to Category “MOBIUS”. I encourage everyone to explore the possibilities with Minwu [17-123L].

 This wraps up the Card of the Week series for Rebellion’s Call. We hope to see you again at the time of the next booster pack – Resurgence of Power. Until then, please continue to enjoy FFTCG!