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Card of the week 2022-06-30 17:59:54

Rebellion's Call Card of the Week - Hien

Hien from FFXIV

Hello everyone! This is Kageyama, Producer for FFTCG. We are already at our 3rd “Card of the Week”, and I will be handling this today. Please stick around until the end.

 Today’s card is Hien [17-016L], a Fire Legend card. Hien has already appeared once as a card in “FINAL FANTASY XIV Starter Set 2019”, so this will mark the second card for this character. It has been a while since Hien’s last appearance, but considering his role in the source material, I believe that he is a suitable fit for the title, “Rebellion’s Call.”

Hiei 17-016L

 Now, let’s quickly move on to the new Hien [17-016L]. Hien is a 4CP Forward with 8000 power and has one field ability and one auto-ability. First off, the field ability reads: “If you control 5 or more Fire Characters or [Category XIV] Characters, Hien gains Haste.” Although 5 characters may sound like a lot, it is a total of Fire Characters and [Category XIV] Characters, so I believe that arranging them are not as difficult as it suggests. Hien himself counts as one too, so if there are 4 characters on the field beforehand, you should be able to gain Haste in most situations. Please be aware that characters that are Fire element and [Category XIV] like Hien only counts as one character.

 The auto-ability is rather aggressive, and reads: “When Hien attacks, activate all the [Category XIV] Forwards you control. Until the end of the turn, they gain ‘This Forward can attack twice in the same turn.’ This effect will trigger only once per turn.” To put it in broad terms, a [Category XIV] Forward that has already attacked can attack once again. This ability effects Hien himself, so Hien is essentially a Forward that can attack twice. Depending on the number of [Category XIV] Forwards and the situation of the field, players may be able to deal 7 points of damage at once. Additionally, players can also take advantage of the fact that the Forwards can be activated, and have them block instead of attacking twice. Perhaps this is sort of an emulation of a Brave effect. The condition of this ability is to have Hien attack, so it is ideal to ensure that he gains Haste with the first ability when he is on the field.

Fire elements have many [Category XIV] Forwards such as Alphinaud [12-004R], Alisaie [12-003R], and Ran’jit [13-130S], so it is rather easy to build a deck. And since there is an abundance of [Category XIV] cards in other elements, building a deck with 2, perhaps even 3 elements instead of a deck with strictly Fire elements might be something to consider.

Another thing worth noting is that Hien’s job is “Samurai.” As you are already aware, “Samurai” decks have been frequently ranking high in the tournament scene. The addition of Hien [17-016L] may bring a huge positive impact to Samurai decks. Also, between you and me, “Rebellion’s Call” will feature 2 more [Category XIV] Forwards that are either a “Samurai” job or a “Samurai” card, aside from Hien. I expect to see more situations where Hien will excel in.

 Now, how do you feel about Hien [17-016L]? Please have him thrive in your decks. Next week, Richelle will introduce a prideful Water Legend. Please look forward to it!