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Card of the week 2022-07-07 17:07:24

Rebellion's Call Card of the Week - Glaciela

Glaciela from War of the Visions

Hey everyone, Richelle here! My second Rebellion’s Call Card of the Week comes from a game I’ve still been playing every day since it launched, WAR OF THE VISIONS: FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS! I’ve been very excited that we’ve been able to slowly add new characters from the hit mobile game. That continues with today’s Card of the Week being an incredibly important character to the story, princess of Wezette, and tritagonist of the game’s second season story arc: Glaciela Wezette.

Let’s take a look!

Glaciela from WotV

Glaciela Wezette [17-113L] is a 3CP Water Element Forward with 7000 power, category FFBE, job Valkyrie, and three abilities. Glaciela’s field ability allows you to use Crystals to pay for special abilities of Category FFBE characters, rather than the typically required same-named card. She has an auto ability that has you gain one Crystal when she enters the field. Lastly, Glaciela has a special ability “Surefire Burst” that costs: [S][1 Water CP + 1 Any CP] and says “Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 2000 damage for each Character you control.”

Glaciela allows you to build around Crystals, a more recent mechanic to FFTCG, using cards that could go all the way back to Opus VIII. While there will be plenty of FFBE characters with special abilities in this set, Glaciela comes with her own built in special that you could spend Crystals on right away, as soon as you have enough characters in play to make Surefire Burst solid removal. Aside from new category FFBE characters, it’s important to keep in mind that the ability isn’t specific to only War of the Visions characters. Rain [8-134L] could work really well with Glaciela, as you could use 1 Crystal to give all your Forwards Haste with Rain’s “Leadership” special, or even use multiple Crystals to trigger “Undermine” multiple times and board wipe your opponent. Kitone [14-064R] is a decent option as well, to utilize “Dream Within a Dream” for relatively cheap removal at the cost of only 1 Crystal. Lastly, Physalis [13-028L] has one of the strongest options with “Premium Physalis Bullet” dealing 10,000 damage to a Forward and forcing the Forward’s controller to discard a card, only costing 1 Crystal and 2 Ice CP.

Ice is especially a great combination with FFBE and the Crystal theme, with a number of characters playing right into Glaciela’s strategy. Agrias [16-023H] and Mustadio [16-040R] each gain Crystals while their low costs allow you to go wide to power up “Surefire Burst.” Combined with Physalis [13-028L] you’ll also be forcing your opponent to discard the cards in their hand with relative ease. Lasswell [16-042R] helps this strategy, as your opponent will discard a card at the end of your turn if a Knight attacked. The earlier mentioned Rain [8-134L] is a Knight, as is Agrias [16-023H], so you can piece together a solid Water/Ice list if you so choose.

As I mentioned, there will be plenty more FFBE characters in Rebellion’s Call, allowing you to seek out some other potential strategies and elements for Glaciela. What do you think? Does the Spearhead of Rebellion seem like an interesting pick to you? Let us know what you think on our official page at!

Next time, Kageyama-san will share a returning character who never leaves Moogles far behind.

Until next time!