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Overview for European Crystal Cups

Crystal Cup Ice

Date: 9th/10th March

Location: Townhouse, Bilker Str. 36, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany

Link: -Event is in the past-

Crystal Cup Water

Date: 4th/5th May

Location: Athena Games, 9 St Gregory's Alley, Norwich, NR2 1ER, United Kingdom

Link: -Event is in the past-

Crystal Cup Wind

Date: 18th/19th May

Location: Casa Dei Giochi Uesm, Via Sant'Uguzzone 8, 20126 Milan, Italy

Link: -Event is in the past-

Crystal Cup Earth

Date: 15th/16th June 16

Location: Wijkcentrum Blixems Ouverture 2 | 5629 PV Eindhoven.


Crystal Cup Lightning

Date: 20th/21st July

Location: Dole, France

Link: -TBA soon-

Crystal Cup Fire

Date: 10th/11th August

Location: Madrid, Spain

Link: -TBA soon-

Crystal Cup Dark

This Event will be a one-day-event and the Winner of this will qualify for the European Championship and not for World-Championship. It will take place on Friday - before the European Championship.

Date: 4th October

Location: London, United Kingdom

Link: -TBA-