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Card of the week 2021-07-08 17:08:39

Opus XIV Card of the Week - Vaan

Vaan from FFXII with magic coming from his hand

Hey everyone, Richelle here with my second Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss Card of the Week! This week, the card I picked is quite possibly my favorite looking card in FFTCG, with art by Rubi Asami that of course comes in a Full Art version. On top of that, it’s the first Legend rarity Multi Element card with my favorite element combination, Wind/Water. Let’s take a look at Vaan [14-125L]!

Opus XIV Vaan Multi Element Card Opus XIV Vaan Full Art Card

Isn’t that beautiful? I can’t wait to see the Full Art Foil card! Vaan [14-125L] is a 6 CP Multi-Element (Wind/Water) Forward with 8000 power and the Job Sky Pirate. He has both category DFF and XII. Vaan has two auto abilities that really lean into the Sky Pirate theme. The first reads “When Vaan enters the field, you may search for 1 Job Sky Pirate of cost 2 or less and play it onto the field. Then, activate all the Backups you control.” His second auto ability reads, “When a Job Sky Pirate you control is chosen by your opponent’s Summons or abilities, choose up to 2 Backups. Activate them.”

First let’s look at some great options for his first ability. You aren’t limited to Forward or Backup, so early game, starting out with Vaan is actually not a bad play, letting you search out Tomaj [10-118R] or even one of the two Fran Backups, Fran [9-055C] or Fran [2-068R]. Of course, you may not want to run a Fran Backup since Fran [10-060L] is one of your strongest 1 or 2CP Sky Pirate Forward options, but you do have plenty of options between Kytes [10-048R], Filo [10-059R] and Elza [10-109C].

Vaan activating all your Backups with his first Auto Ability, or two with your second, makes him a strong option at all points in the game, and it’s something Wind/Water decks already love to do. The quicker you get a full Backup line, the quicker you can turn Vaan [14-125L] plays into net positive CP. Be sure to use Backups with Action Abilities like Chocolatte [12-048R] or Penelo [9-054C] to get the most out of your Backup activations since you may not always have cards to spend the extra CP on.

One last character you’ll want to keep in mind is Balthier [13-048H]. Together, Vaan and Balthier can keep your field full of Sky Pirates. Even more, Balthier can utilize your active Sky Pirates to grant a Sky Pirate Forward +2000 power and Haste. Combined with Vaan, and two Sky Pirate Backups, any time one of your Sky Pirates is chosen, you could theoretically bump up its Power, giving them a little bit more survivability against Summons and abilities that deal damage.

So what do you think? Will Vaan [14-125L] have what it takes to bring Sky Pirates into the limelight? Have any ideas on how you can use this new Vaan to his full potential? Let us know at! Next week, Tim will show off a card that’s so positive, it’s making me misty eyed.

Until next time!