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Opus XII Card of the Week - Yuna

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Hey everyone, RB here! Even though Opus XII: Crystal Awakening has been delayed, we wanted to bring back Card of the Week because, well, it’s been too long since you all had new Card of the Week articles to look forward to! Kageyama-san and I have picked some of our favorite cards of the set to talk about, and Tim Schilder from Square Enix Europe will also be joining in on the cycle of articles for Opus XII!

Now, for my first card, those of you who follow Card of the Week, or have seen my deck at an event, know how much I love this stylish illustration by Tetsuya Nomura, depicting Yuna in her Gunner outfit from FINAL FANTASY X-2. However, I didn’t solely pick this as the first Card of the Week because of my personal attachment, but it’s also the Full Art Buy-a-Box Promo Card for Opus XII! You can find a Premium Foil Full Art Yuna [12-105L] Promo in every sealed box of Opus XII!

Let’s take a look at the card.

Yuna [12-105L] is a 3 CP Water Forward from Category X, with 7000 power and Job Gullwings. She has two auto abilities, and an action ability. Her first auto ability reads, “When Yuna enters the field, if a Forward you controlled formed a party this turn, draw 2 cards.” So, in a deck that utilizes party attacks, Yuna more than pays for herself. Her second auto ability reads, “When Yuna forms a party and attacks, choose 1 Forward. It loses 4000 power for each attacking Forward.” Further rewarding you for a party attack deck, letting you reduce a Forward’s power by 8000 or more when Yuna forms a party.  Finally, her action ability costs 0 CP and reads, “Name 1 Element other than Light or Dark. Yuna becomes the named Element until the end of the turn. You can only use this ability once per turn.” So, effectively, Yuna can party attack with any of your Forwards, other than Light or Dark, by changing her element to match them! There are plenty of cards that could be exciting when used with her, so let’s take a look at some possibilities.

Leila [6126-R] immediately comes to mind as she’ll bring in a Viking with her, giving you two forwards to party with and trigger her first auto ability pretty quickly. Even after Yuna is already in play, Leila can help widen the board for Yuna’s second ability to remove opposing Forwards. Going back to Opus I, Tidus [1-213S] seems perfect with this Yuna. Your opponent will likely not want to remove Yuna while Tidus is on the field, making it more likely to trigger her power reduction ability for multiple turns. If they do remove her, you’ll draw 2 cards and get even more card advantage, so it’s a win-win. Considering this Yuna is part of the Gullwings, Rikku [6-062R] is a great option as well to offer protection against abilities. Her special could even be useful for removing her from battle if the party attack gets too dangerous. If we want to continue with Rikku, let’s have a look at some other Wind cards that could make up this deck.

While we could look purely at Category X and/or Gullwings as a focus, I actually think Chocobos might be a great team up for Yuna. Black Chocobo [3-054C] lets a party become unblockable, which could be useful when you want to use Yuna’s second auto ability to take out a Forward but your opponent has another high power forward to block with. Bobby Corwen [11-059C] could be great for some additional card draw when forming your party attacks. Can you imagine a party attack with Bobby Corwen and Yuna while you have Tidus [1-213S] on the field? If your opponent broke Yuna, you would draw 4 cards! I also wanted to bring up Chelinka [11-049R] while we’re looking at Wind/Water. If you have two Forwards Yuna could party attack with, Chelinka could allow her to Party attack with each individually, taking advantage of her power reduction ability twice!

Of course, I haven’t even touched on some other element combinations, like bringing her into play with Phoenix [5-019L] in Fire/Water, or getting quick party attacks by granting Haste in Water/Lightning with cards like Illua [5-099H] and Aranea [11-086L]. Since she can become any element, the possibilities for Yuna [12-105L] are pretty endless.

What are some combinations you want to try out with this new version of Yuna? Let us know at!

Next week, is Tim’s first Card of the Week article, where he’ll reveal a summon that has yet to be seen in Final Fantasy TCG!

Until next time!