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Opus XII Card of the Week - Regis

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Hello everyone! It’s my turn again to introduce another card from Opus XII: Crystal Awakening, and this marks my third time so far. This time, I’d like to talk about Regis [12-122L], an Earth/Lightning Multi-Element card. He’s the king of Lucis as well as Noctis’s father – so what abilities does his card offer? Let’s take a look. 

This is the second time Regis appears as a card. Last time, he was a Backup with the often-seen ability to search for a card of a specific category. He does hold his own as a convenient character who enables you to get your hands on key cards in your deck, but this time, Regis [12-122L] has been designed as a Forward, so his abilities are in a different vein when compared to Regis [9-080C].

His first ability is an Auto Ability that reads, “When Regis enters the field, choose up to 2 Forwards other than Card Name Regis, Light or Dark put in your Break Zone from the field during this turn. Play them onto the field.” Just by entering the field, he lets you play two Forwards onto the field from the Break Zone! Being Multi-Element makes this character more challenging to cast, but what an impressive ability indeed.

That said, there are, of course, factors you’ll need to be careful about. The Forwards must be “non-Light or Dark put in your Break Zone from the field during this turn,” so you won’t be able to employ a strategy of discarding from your hand to generate CP, for example. But let’s be honest, I think we’d all be in trouble without having at least that degree of restriction in place. So, it looks like you’ll need to be a bit creative when using this card. The simplest way to use him would probably be to play him onto the field during Main Phase 2, after the attacks are finished. Taking a Forward that was placed in the Break Zone after having its attack blocked, for example, and successfully returning it to the field would surely disrupt your opponent’s plans in a major way.

Additionally, if you were to use this card together with a card that has some sort of ability that triggers when you choose to put it in the Break Zone, we would be able to expect even greater results. I’ll introduce some examples when I go over the cards with good synergy as usual, after I explain his other ability.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about Regis [12-122L]’s other ability. Regis has a Special Ability that reads, “All the Forwards you control gain ‘This Forward cannot be broken’ until the end of the turn.” The Auto Ability that I introduced earlier is affected by the things that have happened before Regis [12-122L] enters the field, but his Special Ability affects what happens after he’s there.

We can expect this ability to shine on both offense and defense alike. While on the offensive, even an EX Burst won’t work to break it. While defending, you’ll be able to stop even massively powerful Forwards without suffering a loss. Otherwise, it can also be used against abilities or Summons that break Forwards. It’s also important to note that this Special Ability prevents Regis [12-122L] himself from breaking, too. There isn’t very much synergy between the two abilities, but each is outstanding in its own way, offering formidable strength independent of one other.

・Together with Regis [12-122L]

Before we wrap things up, let’s take a moment to look at some cards that would work well with Regis [12-122L]. Frankly, his Special Ability would be strong paired with anything (though if I had to choose, I’d maybe say Forwards that are able to attack multiple times), so I’m going to go ahead and focus on the Auto Ability here.

Using it in conjunction with Cloud [11-136S] might result in a pretty satisfying chain of events. If you put a 4 CP Forward into the Break Zone, searched for Regis [12-122L], and played him onto the field, then the Forward you just put into the Break Zone could come right back with Regis [12-122L]’s ability. In this scenario, it would probably feel even better if the Forward was one with an Auto Ability that activates when put onto the field. It’s a straightforward but powerful combo, wouldn’t you say?

That being said, Regis [12-122L] can get up two Forwards back, so some of you may want to get two back. In that case, Kefka [4-080L] is one option to consider. If you were to play this card onto the field by putting Forwards or Monsters into the Break Zone, before playing Regis [12-122L] to get the Forwards now in the Break Zone back, you would not only have an 8 CP Forward with 8000 Power as well as a 5 CP Forward with 8000 Power on the field, but also the ability to break one of your opponent’s Forwards or Monsters.

We can also expect some great synergy with Kefka [10-135S]. This Kefka has an effect that triggers simply by attacking with him, which allows you to put one Forward into the Break Zone. That means the probability of being able to place at least two into the Break Zone during the overall Attack Phase would increase. Then, once you enter Main Phase 2, you could play Regis [12-122L] to gain the upper hand.

Of course, there are cards that are effective even without forcing yourself toward the goal of getting two Forwards back. Cards that let you put Forwards into the Break Zone without costing CP are ideal, like Desch [10-095H] and Ursula [11-064L], and there are many more out there with effects that are enough to gain an advantage despite involving some cost. Feel free to try different things out and see what you like.

Well then, for next time, RB is planning to introduce a Summon featuring new original art. RB, take it away!