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Opus XII Card of the Week - Beatrix

COTW OPUS XII/Beatrix/beatrix desktop

Hey everyone, it is Tim again! In my Card of the Week Article for today, I would like to present you another beautiful Full-Art-Card with an Illustration from Itahana-san who became my favorite Illustrator during the last Opus sets.

We are looking at the top general Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX. As mentioned already, this card will also be available as a Full Art Version, so let us take a look at her Abilities.

Beatrix [12-103H] is a 2 CP Water Forward with the Job Knight, Category IX and 5000 Power. She reads “When Beatrix or a Job Knight enters your field, all the Forwards you control gain +2000 Power until the end of the turn.
0 CP: During this turn, the cost required to cast your next Job Knight Forward is reduced by 2 (it cannot become 0). You can only use this ability during your turn and only once per turn.

I do not know about you, but I feel very excited about that card.
Beatrix’ first line of text is very similar to the 2 CP Warrior of Light [7-131S], with the addition that every Knight will trigger this Ability as well. And there a plenty of Knights available already.
Beatrix’ second ability is buffing the Knight-Archetype even more, by reducing their cost by 2 CP (one Knight per turn).

Having any 1 Forward on the field and playing Beatrix into Ramza [5-118L] for 2 CP, will not only buff your existing Forward by 4000, it will also push Ramza to 10000 Power himself and activates his Ability to attack with haste and break 1 Forward of cost 3 or less. Oh, and if you have Ovelia [1-156C] on your field, you can just play Beatrix into a 3 CP Ramza for the same effect (if you do not have any other Forwards on your field). And since both are Job Knight, you can search them with Duke Goltanna [1-134R] in Water/Lightning.

And there a plenty other Knights available in that Archetype to let Beatrix shine. 1 CP Rain [8-134L] that can give all your Forwards Haste with his special sounds very promising – especially since every Knight you play will buff all your field by 2000 Power and Rain would add another 2000 Power on his attack as well as 2000 Power-Reduction for the Opponent’s field.

Or a 2 CP Steiner [4-129L] that will let you draw a card when you are on Damage 3 will also help you to fill your Board quickly for not much CP. Will this be enough for some Mono-Water Knights with Cagnazzo [3-130R] and Cloud of Darkness [5-126L]? Especially since Beatrix is another great target for Lenna [3-144L] and even Curilla [5-127R] might find a home now if you want to keep buffing your whole field.

Another great use for Beatrix is the FFIX-Synergy in Fire/Water where you might be using both Phoenix [3-020H] and [5-019L] to not only bring back a Forward, but also increasing the Power of all your Forwards by 2000 for this turn. And of course, Vivi [8-016H] is happy for every IX-Character that you have on your field. 

As Beatrix is a 2 CP Forward, she also synergizes with Gadot [5-005R], as he would go to 10000 Power and can give Beatrix haste on his attack, so she can also attack in the same turn with 9000 Power.
And if you like theory-crafting – Golbez [1-135L] could bring in Beatrix, Ramza [4-117R] and Lasswell [7-042H] to boost the whole field by 4000 Power – and who knows, maybe we see another 2 CP Knight in a different color in the future to make it 6000. And a 1 CP Delita [1-112R] follow-up also sounds promising.

What do you think about the card? Which decks would run it and what would you like to try out? Let us know at or or join our Discord-Servers to discuss about this and upcoming cards.

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We will have a break from Card of the Week next week, but stay tuned for the next Card of the Week-Article and we hope you are as excited for Opus XII as we are!