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Card of the week 2020-05-28 15:44:00

Opus XII Card of the Week - Amaterasu

COTW OPUS XII/AMATERASU/amaterasu banner desktop

Hey everyone, Tim here!

This is my first Card of the Week article, so I hope you are as excited as I am!

Since I’m mostly excited about what this card does, I’d like to jump right into taking a look at it.

Amaterasu [12-002H] is a 3CP Fire Summon that reads “Choose 1 auto-ability. Cancel its effect. If the cancelled auto-ability triggered from a Forward, deal that Forward 8000 damage.” It also comes with a Full Art Version and is Category “FFEX” to debut Final Fantasy Explorers. Speaking of debuts, the gorgeous card Illustration by Mr. Gen Kobayashi’s is also his first illustration for FFTCG, so I am very proud to present you the first card by the designer of Final Fantasy Explorers himself.

I do not know about you, but I immediately fell in love with this card. Not only does it deal with auto-abilities (such as [1-107L] Shantotto), it can also remove most Forwards that come with it.

Amaterasu is comparable to the popular [5-068L] Y’shtola which is used a lot to protect cards from auto-abilities or Summons. Amaterasu is not protecting you against summons but is adding the element of surprise. This is great, as many decks rely on their auto-abilities, and now Amaterasu can deny their plans. For example, having your opponent pay 5 CP to play [11-017H] Marche with the intent of bringing [11-063L] Ritz will now result in a cancellation of the auto-ability to bring Ritz and then also deal 8000 damage to Marche, which is lethal even if Marche were to be buffed by 1000.

Combining this card with [6-010H] Vermilion Bird l’Cie Caetuna would even increase the damage to 9000 and gives you a way to break nearly every Forward with an auto-ability. And even after you showed your opponent this Summon for the first time, having Amaterasu in the Break-Zone with an active [8-007C] Black Mage will be a constant threat for every card with an auto-ability. Not to mention, Summon-recursion with [10-132S] Terra or [10-127H] Citra.

And this is just inside mono Fire. With multicolor decks, there are way more possibilities. For example, [11-032C] Black Mage or [9-103R] Iedolas to use this card multiple times and cancel two auto-abilities in one turn.

Many popular decks are not really relying on Summons lately, as auto-abilities fulfill a similar purpose, but also bring a Forward to the field. Maybe Amaterasu will change this trend when you have to face a Fire deck. Combo decks, that are mapping out the whole turn to swing for lethal in one turn, will definitely have a hard time when Amaterasu is cancelling the key part of their turn.

What are your thoughts about this card? Let us know at!

Next week, Kageyama-san will present the first Multi-Element Legend to you.

Stay tuned!