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Events 2020-01-17 12:16:02

OPUS XI Pre-release

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We hope that you are all ready to rumb…shuffle in 2020 with OPUS XI – Soldier’s Return!

This new expansion will feature great Final Fantasy VII characters, splendid artwork as well as a brand new mechanic using card counters. While the release is still a couple months away, we wanted to start the hype train ahead of our spoiler season and share with you the contents of our pre-release kit!

Pre-release tournaments are super fun, casual events that will take place all across the globe the weekend of March 21-22nd, and the whole week following. Keep an eye on this space for the participating store list and don’t forget to spread the word!

Last but not least, here is a little refresher about the Pre-release format and special rules that apply!

Limited Sealed

  • Decks must contain at least 40 cards (40 to 41 cards recommended).
  • Victory is attained by inflicting 6 points of damage instead of the usual 7.
  • Players can have more than three copies of the same card in their deck.

Flow of the game:

  • Each player should open their 9 boosters to create their “card pool”.*
  • They should then build a deck using only the cards in their “card pool”.
  • Players should then participate in the tournament using the decks they have built.

*Due to the nature of the format, it is not permitted to use the pre-release promotional card included in the kit as part of the deck.