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Opus X Card of the Week - Folka

Hey everyone, RB here! Spoiler season has already started for Opus X: Ancient Champions, so it’s time to jump back into Card of the Week, with Opus X previews! I’ll be alternating with Kageyama-san again, with each of us bringing you three brand new cards! For my first Card of the Week, I’ll be starting off with a bang with a Water Legend, Folka [10-120L]!

Folka, one of the Sworn Six of Paladia, appears in FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, where she was at one time known as Veritas of the Waters. As “The Original Water Priestess,” she has an affinity for the element, being able to use multiple different Water abilities, primarily for healing, but also some offensive capabilities. Since she’s a major character, I won’t go too deep into her background. FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is available on iOS and Android, so you should go check it out for yourself!

Now, let’s get to the card.

Folka [10-120L] is a 3 CP, 7000 power Forward with THREE action abilities! Each of her abilities have “Discard 1 Water Summon:” as the cost. The first reads, “Folka cannot be chosen by your opponent’s Summons or abilities this turn.” The second reads “Choose 1 Forward and 1 Backup. Activate them.” While the third reads, “Chose 1 Forward of cost 4 or less opponent controls. Return it to its owner’s hand.”

So, Folka would reward you for running lots of Water Summons, giving them lots of different uses. However you should plan on typically not casting them if Folka is in play, as in most cases it will be CP efficient to use her abilities rather than pay the CP cost to cast them. Let’s look at some summons that might go well with her.

It’s no surprise that Leviathan, “Lord of all Waters,” goes well with a Water Priestess. Since you’ll be running a lot of Water cards with Folka, odds are she will show up most often in a Mono Water deck. Leviathan [8-130C] is perfect as it’s an EX Burst, so you can get value out of it just being in your deck, and if you draw it, it can be fuel for Folka or you can cast it as removal you normally would. It suits Mono Water as the removal gets stronger the more Water Characters you control. Leviathan [7-125C] could also be a good fit. While you would really never want to cast it from hand when Folka is in play, the EX Burst is where it shines, giving you some removal along with being able to draw a card, which could potentially give you more cards for Folka’s abilities. If you’d rather more opportunity for bigger plays, you might want to try Syldra [3-135H]. At 6CP, you need to be sure of your investment when casting this Summon, but Folka makes it less risky to include in your deck given you can just discard it to her abilities. Still, being able to return 2 of your opponent’s Forwards to their hand can really swing a game in your favor.

Of course, Folka doesn’t only need to be played in a typical Mono Water deck. One idea that comes to mind is playing her alongside a Category X theme with Gullwings. Yuna [6-124L] can get her action ability powered up relatively quickly thanks to Folka being able to discard Summons rather than cast them. Also, since Yuna can play Rikku or Paine directly without paying the CP cost, it’s okay to be less Wind heavy and more Water focused. Wakka [7-126C] is actually what made me think of the interaction between Folka and the Gullwings, since Folka can activate a Backup and Forward. Getting multiple uses out of Wakka could be very useful, I’m sure there are other great Backups that could benefit out of getting multiple uses in a turn from Folka! If you did go with a Gullwings deck, though, it would also make sense to get your hands on the Opus X Pre-Release Promo card, Tidus [10-117H]. He is a 4CP Forward with 8000 power that gives your Category X Forwards +1000 power. When Tidus enters the field , you may return 1 Backup you control to its owner’s hand. When you do so, choose 1 Forward. Return it to its owner’s hand. He also has a special ability, Quick Hit, allowing you to activate him and give him +2000 power. Seems like this theme of activating and buffing your Forwards is really coming together!

Are you excited for Folka? What are some deck ideas you have for her? Let us know at

Also… if she’s one of the Sworn Six of Paladia from FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXIUS… does that mean other members of the Sworn Six are coming to FFTCG? I wonder what they might do!

Next week, it’s Kageyama-san’s turn, featuring an antagonist who has a name you should be familiar with, but has surprisingly not appeared in FFTCG until now!

See you then!