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2019-07-03 22:01:00

Opus IX Card of the Week - Wol

Hey everyone! Our final Opus IX: Lords & Chaos Card of the Week preview is here! Kageyama-san mentioned last week that I seem to be drawn to more heroic characters compared to his previews, so of course I want to end this set’s previews with the Light Legend card, a new version of Wol 9-121L!

While we’ve seen Wol from Mobius Final Fantasy appear in FFTCG in a couple of cards already, this is the first time we’ve seen original art of Wol created for FFTCG, and it’s gorgeous! The Warrior of Light, painted by Mobius Final Fantasy Art Director Toshitaka Matsuda, is depicted with his field fairy guide, Echo. And of course, this card comes in an incredible full art foil version. This is sure to be a highly sought after card for collectors.

That’s enough about the art, though, let’s take a look at what this card does!

Wol is a 4 CP Light Forward with 9000 power and the Job Warrior of Light. Being above the curve does come with a drawback. You can only pay for him with Fire CP, Wind CP, Earth CP, or Water CP, and you must use a combination of two or more of these to do so. When Wol is put from the field into the Break Zone, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Deal it 9000 damage. If your opponent does manage to take down this powerful Forward, he’ll take one of your opponent’s forwards out with him.

While Wol could simply go into any 2 element deck, there are some tricks you can use to get around that. Both Shantotto 1-107L and Moogle (FFCC) 7-082R generate any element, allowing you to fit Wol into any Earth deck by including them. Cosmos 1-183H can also generate any element CP, and she allows you to include more Light characters than just Wol! I could even see playing a deck that used 1 Element, but multiple Light Warrior of Light characters, including Wol!

You don’t have to stick to Earth, though. Really, any element that’s listed on Wol has options for creating a solid Warrior of Light deck. Arc 5-052H is a good example of the Warrior of Light characters in Opus 5 that would work amazingly with Wol. Gaining power isn’t the only way that you can interact with Wol’s job, Aigis 7-002R would also give Wol Brave, allowing you to keep him active to block with and act like a wall. Dusk 7-115R is a great option if you dip into Water, since it’ll allow you to draw a card when Dusk enters the field if Wol is in play. There are plenty of great options no matter what elements you choose. Maybe you’d even use a deck that plays all four!

What do you think? Does this make you want to put together a Warrior of Light deck? And how about that amazing art? I love every time we get to see new art from Matsuda-san in FFTCG! Let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to head to a local Opus IX Pre-Release starting July 13th to get your hands on some of these cards before the release on July 19th!

We’ll be back with more Card of the Week articles for Opus X: Ancient Champions!

Thanks for joining us.